First Look: 2009 Topps Unique Football


When this stuff was first put out for baseball, I was definitely turned off by the horrible concept. Now that they have brought it to football with a few tweaks, its not as bad. The Brady card looks much better than its baseball counterpart, and the Namath doesnt look as awful as the tag card that was previewed a while ago on Wax Heaven. Im guessing its because the backgrounds look more finished, and the idea of what is trying to be presented looks more flushed out. However, the Mannings dual is typical Topps, and the Peterson and Roethlisberger look awful.

My thoughts are still that the namesake of this product doesnt really apply to the content, and that is going to be the problem. Its not really any different than what we get out of a lot of other products, so to call it “Unique” is a gross misnomer.
As long as it stays as a mid end set and doesnt stretch cost past the 100 dollar mark, it could be successful, mainly depending on whether or not the other cards are as boring as the baseball ones. With Topps, nothing is set until the product hits shelves.
EDIT: Just got word this product is going to run 140-180 a box. Holy fuck. Yeah, im out.

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