Five Reasons to Be Excited for 2014 NFL Cards

I am already ridiculously excited for the new card year for the NFL, and I think everyone is feeling the palpable electricity surrounding a lot of the players and products that are already previewed and released. Here are a few of my reasons that everyone should be as excited as I am.

1. 2013 is OVER!

Man, talk about a down year and then some. I know I have beaten this topic into the ground, but I think this is one of the biggest reasons we should be pumped for the new season. Although I think the 2013 cards will bounce back when players start to break out this year, 2013 was a year to forget. New rookies and fresh perspectives should start to bring some new stuff that we havent seen for a while, mainly an interest from the secondary market. One can only hope.

Dont sleep on these though:

2014 Museum Collection EJ Manuel Framed Auto 20/20

2013 Five Star Cordarrelle Patterson Auto Book

2013 Contenders Eddie Lacy Auto Rookie Ticket

2. High End Can Flourish

It was pretty clear that there was a significant fear to go all out on high end in 2013 because the class could not support it, but this year that should change. I have already heard rumblings of the card companies pulling out all the stops to capitalize on a DEEP offense class with lots of skill players that will be impactful. We already know that Panini is going to bring Immaculate and Flawless over from basketball, which could be a very good thing, but we should also get some nice stuff from Topps and Upper Deck as well. Leaf has already shown what they can bring in their space, which has been quite impressive.

Here is what NFL has to look forwward to:

2013 Flawless Kevin Durant Auto Patch

2013 Immaculate Kobe Bryant Auto

3. Johnny Manziel Will Carry the Class

Even if he ends up being the backup (he wont be for long), he will carry a ton of value into the beginning of the season, as he is easily one of the more highly popular prospects since Tim Tebow and Andrew Luck. Although I dont believe he is going to be a superstar, I am excited to see what his NFL brand can bring to the hobby.

2014 Upper Deck Johnny Manziel Auto On Card

2014 Leaf Trinity Johnny Manziel Jumbo Patch Auto

4. There is a potential for 4-5 starting QBs from this draft class

Nothing drives excitement than a strong crop of QBs, and like 2011 and 2012, we are going to get quite the opportunity early on to see the true potential of the QB class. Outside of Manziel, there are potential starters in Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr and Savage, which means one of them will likely break out. Could be more. I like that a lot.

2014 Leaf Trinity Teddy Bridgewater Jumbo Patch Auto

2014 Leaf Trinity Blake Bortles Inscription Auto /15

5. The 2012 class continues to get stronger

Nothing says amazing like the class from two years ago, especially with Russell Wilson taking home the crown. Most of the guys are good signers, which makes it even better, and I think we are in store for another year of the guys from 2012 getting better and commanding higher prices. I think there is some serious potential for this class to end up as one of the best ever.

2012 Five Star Andrew Luck Robert Griffin III Dual Auto

2012 Contenders Russell Wilson Auto Ticket RC

I will be all in all year long, and I cant wait to see what this card year brings.

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