For Some Reason Pro Bowl Cards Are Out There, But WHY?!?

Tomorrow, despite rumors of disbanding the game, the 2013 Pro Bowl will go off with many of the NFLs sixth and seventh best guys playing a game that no one cares about. Of course, being that the NFL is such a violent game, playing an exhibition is beyond risky. Its such a terrible idea that Roger Goddell has had no problem voicing his desire to cancel the game entirely. Of course, in the name of money, they are still going to play.

Besides the fact that no one has ever cared about a game where everyone involved barely plays, the card companies have taken it upon themselves to make card after card, celebrating this horrid spectacle. As if it could get worse, the relics they use are usually event used, as the pro-bowl jerseys usually go home with the players.

Here are some examples:

2011 National Treasures Jamaal Charles AFC Logo Auto 1/1

2011 National Treasures Ray Lewis Pro Bowl Jersey Relic /99

2007 Topps Troy Polamalu Pro Bowl Relic

2008 Topps Adrian Peterson Pro Bowl Letterman Patch 1/1

2009 Leaf Limited Roddy White Pro Bowl Letter Patch 1/1

There is already a lot of complaints surrounding event used rookie gear, but at least that gear is not commemorating the most disgusting display of football over the entire year. Just what I want, right? A jersey worn for two split seconds at a game that many football fans would like to see disappear.

Funny enough, collectors still think the cards are worth buying, which baffles me – especially considering that Panini had the gall to put them in their most expensive product of the year, not once, but twice! I especially love the cards of the punters and the lineman. Perfect fodder for a box that costs 500 bucks a pop!

If I am a team owner, I boycott this game as much as I possibly can, god forbid one of my players goes down with a serious injury. If I am the card companies, I put any pro bowl based idea in a box and burn said box. Just to be safe, I scatter the box’s ashes at sea, just so that all remnants of the ideas are destroyed and lost forever. Thats how much I hate these cards.

3 thoughts on “For Some Reason Pro Bowl Cards Are Out There, But WHY?!?

  1. Yea as pathetic as these are, whats even more pathetic is that the NT Jamaal Charles IS A STICKER AUTO!!! Which means u not only get a patch from the worst game if the year, but you also get a sticker auto to go with it! Well done panini, well done

  2. But super mojolicious sick awesome beast on point sets like this are why they’ve decided to ditch the MAPP. It couldn’t possibly be because the only companies their cards are better than are 1990 Pro Set and 1991 Pacific.

  3. So a colossal patch hit from NT sold for 50 cents, and boxes are about $500? Wtf is wrong with this hobby smh.

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