Go Live Report: 2016 Impeccable Football


Its rare that I am going to get on here and really give Panini something to smile about, especially for a product named fucking “Impeccable.” The name itself should doom this product to the depths of hell, but hot damn, even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. Panini literally sucks at building new products, and this is the first time I have been impressed with something that is unique to football. Of course, its not an accessible product at all, because god forbid, they make a nice AND affordable product.

Here is what is on the market so far:

2016 Impeccable Football Carson Wentz Auto Relic /75

2016 Impeccable Football Jerry Rice Jumbo Patch Auto /5

2016 Impeccable Football Ezekiel Elliott Auto Dual Relic /75

2016 Impeccable Football Aaron Rodgers Auto Numbers

First off, despite the name, I love the design. It looks similar to Museum Collection in a lot of ways, and when Panini rips off Topps, things usually work out. Most of the autographs are hard signed, which is a big reason why I am on board, but the black background and lack of goofy ass posed photos is a big benefit here.

In terms of the layout, Panini is literally borrowing directly from the book of plays I love, and that is LOOOOOONG overdue. Big player photos, nicely laid out cards, and a lot of reason to get excited about buying singles. At five autographs a box, that isnt a bad configuration either, but honestly, its so difficult to support a product that should have been available at a much lower price point with less content. Panini is so entrenched in creating products for Group Breakers that its hard to really dive in on their wax at any level, and that is horrendously frustrating.

Either way, Impeccable is easily the best product Panini has made this year, and it is worth your time to check out singles, or buy into a group break or two. Outside of that, im still not sold on Panini high end anything as a breaker’s treat, unless you are working in a group setting. Even besides that, its worth looking into your player targets to get some good PC pieces that will make your collection stand out.

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