Goal Line Art: The Unsung Hobby Hero of the Football Hall of Fame

With the beginning of the 2013 NFL Preseason, comes the induction of the 2013 NFL hall of fame class, something I am very excited for with Cris Carter finally getting the call. One of the biggest parts of the weekend for collectors is the autograph signings that come along with the event, and of course, new Goal Line art!

I know, I know, I just lost a few people there.

Here is what I mean:

Walter Payton Signed and Inscribed Goal Line Art

Red Grange Signed Goal Line Art

Emmitt Smith Signed Goal Line Art

Joe Namath Signed Goal Line Art

Jerry Rice Signed Goal Line Art

With each new HOF class, a company in Pennsylvania releases a series of prints that depict the new HOF class in artistic fashion. These gorgeous prints are often signed at the class’ induction ceremony, or after the ceremony and sold frequently to hungry collectors looking to get a beautiful piece for their display. They have been around for YEARS and go back pretty far, and can easily sell for THOUSANDS. If you have been reading this blog for a while, artistic pieces are one of my favorite things to get autographed, and these do it about as well as any other way.

This is actually a widely collected set each year, and I know there are a ton of people out there that make the trip to Canton just to fill in holes from previous years and get the new guys signed. The finished pieces, as linked above look incredible, and are coveted pieces for players that have passed away or rarely sign.

I have a few Goal Line Art PSA slabbed pieces in my personal collection, as I think they can be appreciated by just about anyone who is a sports fan, and as soon as Cris Carter has some examples on the market, I will definitely be picking them up. You rarely see widely accepted “best form of HOF memorabilia” like this in every sport, similar to the HOF plaque post cards for Baseball, but this is it for football all across the board. They arent necessarily the most valuable, but man, they are the best looking by far.

As the national rolls around again, more examples are sure to be posted.

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  1. Goal Line Art is hands down the best product being produced today.

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