Heading Home Is Always Nice

Ever since I left Minnesota for a job in California, I always long to come back and return to my old stomping grounds. Oddly enough, I always end up doing the same things, going to the same old haunts, and definitely returning to all the card shops that I used to frequent. This time is a little different because Noah is in tow, but my goals for the trip remain the same as they always do.

The first thing that I am extremely excited for is being able to see a Twins game in their new stadium. I was able to get fifth row seats with my wife for tonight’s game against the Rangers, and my level of anticipation to finally experience outdoor baseball in Minnesota is palpable. I cant even explain in words my horrible feelings on the Metrodome, but when it comes to Target field, I have nothing but happy thoughts. Ill be sure to take some pictures tonight when we go, check back for a full Twins explosion when I get back. Stepping off the plane and seeing a Mauer jersey was oddly reassuring, to say the least, but it will pale in comparison to being able to see the real thing later tonight.

Secondly, I finally get to buy Noah some Vikings stuff, as infant NFL gear in San Antonio is pretty tough to find. The Minnesota Vikings store at the Mall of America will be a first stop, and after losing over 100 pounds, I could use some new clothes as well. It will be a high level of satisfaction now that I will be able to shop in person for licensed gear, especially now that I dont have to wait the 2 weeks to get it shipped to Texas.

Lastly, I have to check out the shops in the area, as its become ritual to head back and buy cards when I go home. Because I have to make a trip west to visit my Wife’s family as well, I may have a few extra stops on my trip. Now that my favorite players have many collectors in the area, there will be a lot more stuff that I can check out. I think that my last experience at Field of Dreams may keep me away from their storefront in the Mall of America, but hopefully I can check out some more awesome stuff at the places around town.

Ill tell you, its funny to think how long I have been a transplanted sports fan, but when you get back to a place where you are no longer a foreign fan, everything changes.

8 thoughts on “Heading Home Is Always Nice

  1. Love the article ….I am the same way in phialdelphia……..fly EAGLES fly

  2. I assume you meant the Tigers game and if this was on Thursday, you got to see “bonus baseball” with a sad ending. What shops are you going to hit up? Three Stars in Roseville is relatively new.

  3. Gellman- I am pretty sure I have read that you have been there, but my favorite shop up in the Twin Cities is Three Stars Sportscards in Roseville.

  4. Hey, if your in south Eagan swing by my shop and we’ll rant about the hobby.

    Steve Brown, owner

    Cedar Cliff Collectibles
    1960 Cliff Lake Road #131
    Eagan MN 55122


  5. I’m a Minnesotan that now lives in South Florida and I feel the same way. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was able to get tickets to the second game at Target Field back in April. Although it rained most of the game, it was awesome. I was just back last weekend for a reunion and was bummed the Twins weren’t in town when I was there.

  6. Steve, I seriously think I have been to your store a ton of times. You sell/used to sell a ton of Heroclix right? If so, you were the place to shop.

  7. Cool, I wasn’t aware that you knew of Cedar Cliff’s existence. The new set of clix (Web Of Spider-man) comes out Thursday…cases are $170 bricks are $90.

    later, Steve.

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