Heroes of Sport – All Sport Chapter 1: Redefining Repack Products

When Leaf started putting out repack products of high end rookies and cards in their "Best of" series, I thought they were onto something. Since that time, others have gotten into the game, producing repack products based on their own viewpoints of the hobby. None is more high end than Heroes of Sport, and their Baseball product released during 2012 was very popular. They are back with what they are calling "All Sport Chapter 1," which includes cards and memorabilia from football, hockey and basketball in addition to the Baseball favorites. I have been watching breaks online, and I must say that they have taken these types of releases to another level.

All of these were one hit in a box of four:

2013 Heroes of Sport Sydney Crosby Full Size Signed Hockey Stick

2013 Heroes of Sport Joe Namath Full Sized Signed Jersey

2013 Heroes of Sport 1910 Ty Cobb Vintage Sweet Caporal Pin

2013 Heroes of Sport Adrian Peterson Signed Photo

In terms of collecting cards for the purposes of a product like this, I think there is little appeal in anything but high end, the way Leaf and Heroes of Sport have done. There are other companies that have tried a lower end version in products like SBay Superbox, but I have yet to see an attractive reason in the non-high end to diverge from the good stuff. Heroes of Sport has everything from high end cards, to full on game used memorabilia, and each box seems to be more impressive than the next. Of course, you are going to pay through the nose to get one of the 600 boxes produced. However, from what I have seen, opening a box is an experience unlike many of the high end products released by licensed companies.

Not only are the contents high end, but the box and packaging is crazy. Sealed packs, designed for group breaks online, inside a national treasures like wood style box, wrapped in a protective sleeve. Its more than we usually see from Topps and Panini, who have been doing product packaging for years. This is the equivalent of a posh home brew compared to mass produced miller lite in some cases, and it is something I wish I could afford. Cases of 3 boxes are selling for astronomical prices now that people are seeing what is in them, and that is the testament to how awesome these types of situations can be.

Many of the group breakers have bought in hard on this stuff, and if you have a few dollars to throw around, this is a cool way to pick up some nice stuff.

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  1. Bull crap that redemptions can only be sent within the USA. Will not buy a pack of this stuff because of that. Come on get with it dudes!

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