NFL Hobby Awards – 2014 Season Is OVER!

I am so sad right now because the regular season has reached its conclusion and that means its just a few more weeks of football left before the barren wasteland of sports during the summer. This was quite the year in the NFL, and ripples were felt throughout the entire hobby. Here are how I see the awards shaking out in terms of hobby performance this year.

Hobby MVP – Aaron Rodgers

When you think about it, Rodgers is really a perfect storm. One of the leagues best QBs on one of the leagues most widely collected teams. He doesnt sign much, which only means that his cards are that much more valuable. Rodgers had a ridiculous season AGAIN, and that only improves the aura currently surrounding his legacy.

2011 Gold Standard Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl Rings Auto

2005 SP Authentic Aaron Rodgers Auto Rookie Patch /99

2005 Topps Chrome Aaron Rodgers Gold Xfractor Auto PSA 10

Hobby ROY – Odell Beckham Jr

There is no hotter autograph right now than his, and it is a big reason why 2014 wax hasnt completely tanked from its pre-season peak. Beckham didnt play the whole season, but he still managed over 1000 yards, 12 TDs and one of the best touchdown catches I may have ever seen. Hobby ROY is almost more important than the MVP because of how many rookie products there are, and when the big bopper products hit to close out the year, Beckham’s main cards will be huge.

2014 Flawless Odell Beckham Jr. Jumbo Patch Auto

2014 Topps Chrome Odell Beckham Die Cut Auto RC

2014 Strata Odell Beckham Auto Shadowbox

Biggest Disappointment – Johnny Manziel

When the season started, there was no bigger name in cards than Johnny Football. Now that he finished the season in embarrassing fashion, he isnt even the top QB in the class any longer. Its really unfortunate that he didnt start the world on fire, because 2014 wax was so dependent on his good play.

2014 SPX Johnny Manziel Auto Patch Blue with Inscription

2014 Topps Chrome Johnny Manziel Black Refractor Auto BGS 9.5

2014 Flawless Johnny Manziel Auto RC /20

Most Underrated Hobby Player – JJ Watt

Defense gets no love. None. Watt gets more love than just about any other defender, but his autographs are still low for the incredible player that he is. The issue is that he doesnt get the kind of focus and ball touches that the offense does, and he plays for a team that very few people collect. Watt should be a hobby juggernaut, but he is always upstaged by the other side of the ball. Another season with 20 sacks, and also a number of receiving TDs. Absolutely nuts he doesnt sell for more.

2011 Contenders JJ Watt Auto Ticket RC

2014 Flawless JJ Watt Auto

Slow Hobby Death Award – Jay Cutler

Its crazy to believe that the Bears benched their QB in the way they did, just after signing a huge contract in 2013. Although arguments could and should be made for Adrian Peterson to win this award too, but he still maintains a ton of value for some reason. Cutler rarely signed, which made his cards very valuable, but they have tanked lately.

2013 National Treasures Jay Cutler NFL Logo Auto 1/1

2006 Contenders Jay Cutler Rookie Ticket Auto

Rookies to Keep Your Eye On #1 – Teddy Bridgewater

There was no more accurate passer in the NFL during the last few weeks of the season than Bridgewater, who won the most games of any rookie during the season. He played great for a team that had a ton of drama.

2014 Topps Triple Threads Teddy Bridgewater Triple Patch Auto 1/1

2014 Bowman Chrome Teddy Bridgewater Gold Refractor Auto /50

Rookies to Keep Your Eye On #2 – Jeremy Hill

No one saw him coming, and that is hard considering how hard of a runner he is. The guy churns up yards like a beast, and his cards go for very little comparatively. I really like what he brings.

2014 SP Authentic Jeremy Hill Auto Patch RC

2014 Topps Finest Jeremy Hill Jumbo Relic Auto

Rookies to Keep Your Eye On #3 – Mike Evans

Everyone was all over Odell Beckham, but lost in playing for a team that is picking near the top of the draft is Mike Evans who had a MONSTER season. He somehow caught a ton of TDs on a team that had no one to throw him the ball, which only makes the case more.

2014 Topps Platinum Mike Evans Red Refractor Auto /5

2014 Flawless Mike Evans Jumbo Patch Auto Logo

Overall, this has been a year that I think many people would have some issue with in regards to play of the rookie class, but it has been pretty interesting overall. The playoffs are yet to come, but it is really sad that some of the top rookies will be on their couch watching on TV. I guess we will have to see how everything plays out.



2 thoughts on “NFL Hobby Awards – 2014 Season Is OVER!

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  2. What in the world are you talking about when you say “Overall, this has been a year that I think many people would have some issue with in regards to play of the rookie class”?

    This has been statistically the BEST rookie year for Wide Receivers in League History by DOUBLE the 2nd best NFL Season…. FIVE Rookie quarterbacks got significant playing time and will grow quickly, not like the 5 years taken away from Aaron Rodgers’ career. Running backs will get better too, as there are 4 or 5 RB’s who will START next year.

    This is far and away the absolute BEST rookie class I have seen in 20-25 years, and maybe the best ever. Not sure what you meant by your comment above, but anyone analyzing the statistics clearly saw an incredible rookie class this season…. and many experts say they deepest and best EVER.


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