My Favorite Horribly Undervalued NFL Players With Top Talent

Every once in a while I start browsing the general football listings on eBay and I just wonder to myself how a player could sell for such low prices considering how good they are at their positions. Here are a few you should check out as the most undervalued players in the league.

Drew Brees

It is abundantly clear that Brees is not only one of the top QBs in the league, but a surefire hall of famer as well. He has broken record after record, and yet, he is still a relatively cheap auto when compared against similar levels of QBs. Brady may have won more SBs, but Brees has more records. Now, he does sign quite a bit, but that shouldnt hit home with him as much as it does.

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LeSean McCoy

If there is a challenger to Peterson as the top Running Back in the NFL, McCoy is that guy. The scary thing is that RBs as a whole are on a sharp decline, and his cards are taking the brunt of that newer phenomenon. Its crazy how little his cards are going for.

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Demaryius Thomas

When it comes to position values, WRs are even further down the list than RBs, but slowly creeping up. Thomas has emerged into one of the best in the league not named Calvin Johnson, but his value is miniscule. I never thought he would be even close to Brandon Marshall when the Broncos drafted him as a replacement, but he has definitely shown me what’s up.

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Joe Flacco

I know, I know, it takes a lot for someone to crack the top five QBs, but Flacco’s cards are priced so far below where he has been performing that it is pretty crazy. Dont forget, he won the Super Bowl in 2012, and that should entitle him to a bit more recognition in my opinion.

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Jamaal Charles

Like McCoy, Charles has produced so consistently that he should be worth a lot more than he is. The only downfall was the time he missed with a torn ACL that damaged his notoriety a bit, but has bounced back better than ever.

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AJ Green

There is no better example of the sag in value for position players outside of QB than AJ Green. Because he signs a lot, his autograph is worth little to nothing, despite being a tremendous receiver and perennial all star. I just dont get why more people only like putting their money into QBs.

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Bottom line, collector behavior continues to confuse me, but it does make more sense that the sheer number of products combined with the rarity of the signatures themselves are usually a huge factor.

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