How Big of a Deal is Mike Trout to Baseball Cards?

Over the last five years, we have had our fair share of superstar prospects come and go – some becoming huge deals, others settling into mediocrity. Just named again to the AL All Star team, Mike Trout is far and above the best to come out of the group, performing better than other players who received far more hype.

If you are out to buy a Trout for your collection, here is what I would chase:

2008 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Auto RC – Crazy to think you could buy them for 50 bucks raw at release.

2011 Topps Finest Mike Trout Auto Refractor – These have become pretty iconic over the last few years.

2012 National Treasures Mike Trout Auto Rookie Patch – Never took off in baseball, but this is a nice looking card.

2012 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Auto Refractor – more affordable and on card.

2010 Bowman Platinum Mike Trout Auto RC

If you remember back to 2012, when both Bryce Harper and Trout entered the big leagues full time, the headlines were dominated by Harper's potential to be one of the game's best hitters. He was supposed to be great in the field, great at the plate, five tool guy. A few years later now, and Trout is two seasons with a few votes from being AL MVP, and Harper is good but not great.

Its far too early to say that Trout will end up being a HOF caliber player, or that Harper wont come around to challenge him. What I am saying is that between these two guys, Puig, Abreu, and others like them, its rare to have a situation like this. Although its early to predict Trout’s final trajectory, its not too early to say he is one of the most valuable in the hobby and will be for a long time.

Because Baseball is a different animal than other sports, high end doesnt have the same following than it does in other parts of the hobby. Trout is one of the only high end players left, as his autograph may be one of the most valuable among active non-rookie players, save Derek Jeter. Since Jeter hasnt signed in a very long time for any company, Trout’s the guy. Miguel Cabrera has come on lately as a top value guy too, but he has never been all that popular with collectors for some reason – considering his accomplishments.

Not only is he now more valuable than his teammate in Albert Pujols, he is more valuable than current/Future HOFers like Cal Ripken, Ken Griffey, and company. That’s pretty exclusive company.

I am a huge Trout fan myself, as its hard not to be. The guy is a perfect representation of all that is good with Baseball. The question remains – can he keep it up? If the answer is yes, he will be in the HOF, and he will have a tremendous career that will go down in history. But, there is a lot that can happen between now and then. Lets just hope nothing goes wrong.

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