How Does 2012 Topps Prime Stack Up So Far?

Now that Topps Prime has been on the market for a couple of days, we are starting to see some of the bigger hits popping up on eBay. So far, the product looks like a much better break than the previous few products, and the design looks to be pretty cool on many different levels. Of course, now that the bigger hits are easier to pull, the value has started to drop a bit for the bigger rookies. However, I have already started to chase a few of the hits I like, and I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by how the product turned out.

My favorite card style of the whole product is the Jumbo patch rookie autos out of 15, as these cards use a newer approach that I havent seen in a Topps product yet. Rather than using the rectangular jumbo swatch horizontally on a horizontal card orientation, they run it up the side and build the border and picture around it. The card looks absolutely amazing as a result. In fact, you can see how much better they look than a similar card from Panini Prominence. Its no contest how much better the Topps version looks.

Here are some examples:

2012 Prime Doug Martin Jumbo Patch Auto /15

2012 Prime Brock Osweiler Jumbo Patch Auto /15

2012 Prime AJ Jenkins Jumbo Patch Auto /15

As I said before, the quad design on the box hit cards looks to be what Triple Threads could be if Topps ever decided to do away with the stupid die cut words. They also added in some veteran content in this set, which I love, as it adds some established names to the checklist. I wish there were more availability to the veteran names, but the first products of the year are never veteran focused. Last year we had hits from some great players you wouldnt expect to see in a product like this, and I am curious to find out if there will be something like it collectors will get in a later product.

Here some really cool ones:

2012 Prime AJ Green Quad Relic Auto /100

2012 Prime Jeremy Maclin Quad Relic Auto /100

I still do not love the booklet cards, as I feel they are deperately unbalanced on the left side of the card. This is even more fully displayed on the booklets without swatches on the left side at all. I mean, what is the point of a booklet if there is no reason to make it two surfaces? These could have been that much cooler if the full bleed style of the base cards were incorporated into each side of the books, or even if there was a way to make the player more of a focus.

Prime is designed to be more of a product that people can have fun breaking boxes of, and I think it is accomplishing that feat. I also think that Topps didnt leave design behind, which is really nice to see as well. I have a few boxes on the way, hopefully Ill pull something better than my recent luck has dictated.

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