If This Were a Strasburg 1/1, It Would Have Been a 9.5

This was brought to my attention by reader Jay, and I kind of want to throw an offer his way just to have a card that personifies my undying love for everything Beckett and BGS.

So, you start at a 10 subgrade and subtract a half point for every 5 percent away from 50/50, so by Beckett’s standards, its a 9.5 right?


8 thoughts on “If This Were a Strasburg 1/1, It Would Have Been a 9.5

  1. How much more can Beckett and BGS hurt the hobby, this is seriously messed up that they would even consider grading a card like this no less give the damn thing a 9 overall. According to their own grading policy to receive a grade of 9 Mint:
    Centering: 55/45 both ways on front. 70/30 or better on back.

    I guess that means 55% of one card and 45% of another card. This franken-cut card should have gotten nothing more then an “Authentic” marking.

  2. What the hell ???

    Looks to be more of a 9.5 to me…. that person was robbed !!

  3. This is my card on eBay. I pulled it out of a pack in 1998.

    Please notice that although this is a modern card, it is NOT a BGS grade. Because this card is unique and because it is a Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf RC, Beckett was willing to grade this card based on an overall condition without reference to its centering. Please also notice, it is identified on the label as a “MISCUT.”

    The main reason I asked Beckett to grade this card was to prove that this is not a fake. As you all know, there are a few crooks on eBay. I wanted people to know this is the real thing.

    I enjoy this site because it provides lots of useful information and I appreciate the work that has been done to bring attention to crooks trying to work over this hobby. However, in this case, lack of information resulted in the wrong conclusion.

  4. Very interesting card, I had no idea it was yours! Still pretty hilarious though that this card exists in packs back in 1998, and even funnier that Beckett agreed to grade it in the fashion that they did. Why would they agree to leave out one of the four subgrades that they use on a daily basis? Isnt it the point of grading?

    Personally, I could see them doing an “Authentic” slab, but the grade was a little much.

  5. This is not a “normal” BGS Grade. It may be the only OC card they have agreed to grade without considering centering as part of the grading. However, It is identified as a “MISCUT” in the label.

    This may also be the only BGS 9 without subgrades, although I was hoping they would show corners, edges, and surface subgrades. I don’t believe there is another BGS 9 “MISCUT” in the hobby. I will ask Beckett.

    In my conversations with Beckett Grading, I believe the fact that this is a Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf RC and the card is almost half of each player, they agreed to grade this card as a “MISCUT” without centering being a factor in the final grade.

    I think this card is a great conversation piece. It seems to have drawn some conversation from your followers.

    Gellman, love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. I think it is definitely worth a conversation or two, be sure to show it to me next time I stop by. The card itself isnt the surprise, its the fact that they graded it. Thats my favorite part.

  7. This is a sweet card… and a great conversation piece. However… Beckett dropped the ball on this one. They should have just slabbed it “Authentic” and left it at that. If they’re going to grade the card, then centering has to be a factor.

  8. I don’t believe they should’ve graded a “miscut” card without a centering grade, because how far does the centering have to be off to qualify for this “miscut” grading?

    Say I have a Gretzky rookie card that is horribly centered, but great edges, corners, and surface. Can I ask them to grade it as miscut and get a 9, 9.5, or even a 10…

    I`m sure in that situation they wouldn`t do that, but who knows, because when they do things like this it makes people question their practices. If they are going to grade cards as `miscut` then they need to create rules and a sub category for them, not just whenever they feel like it.

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