Is Case Keenum the Hobby’s 2013 Colin Kaepernick Story?

Collectors in football love a great performance. So much so that they don’t even care about comparative value when buying into cards for the players that break out. 2012 Rookie and UDFA Case Keenum lit up the scoreboard in a nationally televised loss yesterday, and as you can expect, football collectors are going NUTS over his cards.

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Keenum is a bit of a different case (no pun intended), as the Texans seem to be pretty enamored with his vision and skills on the field. Although he has only played two games (both losses), it should be expected he will start the rest of the year for them. Matt Schaub has had about as unexpected of a dismal season as I can remember, and collectors have already jumped ship in a lot of cases. Keenum, on the other hand, looks to be this year’s Colin Kaepernick. The issue with that statement is that the Texans are TERRIBLE and the Niners were top contenders.

That being said, Keenum is still on his way to a solidified starting job, if only they could pull it together with their team to get a few wins on the board. They came within a TD of beating a GREAT Colts team at home, thanks to Keenum realizing that Andre Johnson is worth exploiting for performance. He really played a great game, and it was a shame to see them lose the enormous lead so late.

I am not a person who collects outside of my team, but its easy to see that some decisions are better left to the offseason, especially when investing HUNDREDS of dollars in a guy with so few games under his belt. Then again, maybe this will give some life to a football hobby that is reeling from a poor class. However, with Geno Smith beating his second top tier team in New Orleans yesterday, you never know what is possible with any player on any given Sunday. I would just say to assign some comparative value to these cards, so you don’t spend prices reserved for elite guys on players who wont ever stay at the level displayed last night.

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