Is it Time To Buy In On Guys Like Colin Kaepernick?

When the national news starts covering card values for a particular player, you know things have gotten nuts. Colin Kaepernick is the manifestation of this unique phenomenon this year, very similar to the way Tim Tebow caught the attention of the world last year. The difference is that unlike Tim Tebow, not only is Kaepernick’s team a legitimate contender to win the super bowl this year, but he is definitely playing out of his mind. As a result, collectors are going crazy, as the NFL playoffs boost value more than any other sport.

Check out these ridiculous sales:

2011 National Treasures Colin Kaepernick Logo patch auto /25

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Refractor Auto /99

2011 Topps Supreme Colin Kaepernick Jumbo Patch Auto /10

2011 Panini Contenders Colin Kaepernick Auto Ticket BGS 9.5

I have said that I dont believe that the read option is a sustainable offensive weapon, because it puts the most important person on the team in ridiculous situations in which they frequently get blown up. RGIII seems to be a bit of a different type of read option QB in that he can also sit in the pocket and throw too. Kaepernick has shown some proficiency in this as well, but can he be effective if there is no run threat like there is with the option style?

Cam Newton set rookie records last year in passing because of the desire to keep defenses on their toes with option style plays. Collectors went similarly crazy until the season ended. After Carolina realized this was high risk and high reward, they changed Newton’s style to a more pocket pass style offense. He basically fell on his face. Remember, this guy BROKE RECORDS, and his cards fell drastically.

If the question is whether or not teams want to win, the answer is obvious. They will stop at nothing – short of injuring their most prize asset like what happened in Washington DC this year. No bueno.

How long before collectors and teams realize that this style of QB is probably going to be much different three years from now. Are you willing to drop the kind of change on guys like RGIII, Kaepernick, Wilson, and company knowing that their lifespan will likely be shorter than that of Luck or guys that use the normal QB philosophy?

Im not buying in on these guys yet. Im just not. I dont see this working out with HOF caliber careers when all is said and done.

5 thoughts on “Is it Time To Buy In On Guys Like Colin Kaepernick?

  1. Nope. The answer lies in the wisdom of Bill Parcells and the rest of the guys calling this like it is. Next year, after the defensive coordinators have had a chance to analyze this type of offense, it’ll become as useless as the wildcat. It’s a gimmick that’ll get a QB’s career ended, as RGIII’s almost did already. The dude is what, in his very early 20’s and now he’s got a major concussion and 2 major knee reconstructions already.

    On the other hand, I personally hope people keep throwing their money away on the shiny new rookies. I like my $45 Joe Montana, Namath and Staubach on card autographs. We can compare collections in 10 years and see what’s up.

  2. It is just a matter of time before defenses catch up to the new age quarterbacks. I am not buying into Colin either. It is very risky putting yourself out there for defenses. Just look at what happened to RGIII. I think it just too risky after his and the other quarterbacks this year have skyrocketed. Luck is the more efficient and solid investment.

  3. If you buy in on him now you’re retarded. Give D coordinators an off season to prep for this crap and see what happens next year. It’s not even the injury risk, it’s a gimmick play that is working now b/c people aren’t prepared for it. Can anybody say Wildcat?

  4. When I look at these guys the things I look for are:

    Size and frame. Griffin is on the smallish side, Kaepernick is bigger and Newton is even bigger
    Is it first instinct to run or stand in the pocket and move a little to buy more time like Big Ben…
    When it is a passing situation or play called can and do they make attempt read more than WR before running..
    Do they have arm strength to even throw the deep out, the touch for post pattern over linebacker…

    To me Vick didnt have the passing ability and Im not sure Wilson does either. Griffin might and I think Kaepernick might also. But I still dont believe the future is bright for an offense that runs the read option or has a primarily running QB starting.

    If you need to buy a rookie QB Luck is the best and safest bet.. but to Brian’s point you can get current and future HOFers for a lot less than any cards of the “hot” rookies.. Take advantage of the frenzy and sell high and buy locks who are undervalued… If I can buy Johhny U auto for $200 or Griffin, Wilson et al for $200 its an easy decision for me…

    I still find it hard to believe there arent 32 guys in the world who can play QB in the NFL… How does a team take the field with Quinn and Cassel or Sanchez, McElroy Tebow as their options…

  5. Sure buy in!!!! Kaepernick will win a Super Bowl , more success than some of the guys most of you collect, Peterson etc …. (kidding)

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