Johnny Manziel’s Superfractor is the First Big Card of 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, the first big card of the year has been pulled and listed. Leaf’s recent release of 2014 Metal Draft has the first dose of Superfractor style card, and the Johnny Manziel has been pulled in Pennsylvania.

Here is the listing from the seller.

Although the price is ridiculously far above where it will eventually sell for, the card is pretty impressive. I really like the design for 2014 Leaf, as I think it really does a good job of presenting the players without a license to show their college uniforms. To add on that SOMEHOW, despite the autograph debacle of 2012, Brian Gray has gotten Manziel to sign, is a feat in itself.

When considering the top autographs of the 2014 rookie class, it should be no surprise that Manziel takes top billing. His current cards in pre-draft products are selling well above the 100 dollar mark, which is a GREAT sign after a dismal 2013 class.

Here are some of the better ones for reference:

2014 Press Pass Johnny Manziel Auto Red Ink Inscription

2014 Leaf Metal Johnny Manziel Auto Blue Refractor /15

2014 Press Pass Johnny Manziel Power Pick Auto /25

Other players will emerge, especially as guys like Teddy Bridgewater eventually end up going high in the draft.

Manziel is the first of the big supers to be pulled, but more will come.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel’s Superfractor is the First Big Card of 2014

  1. I agree with you. Also add in the fact that you can spend $70 on a box, get a bunch of base and a crappy relic. Not really worth it. Might buy a retail pack just to check it out, but that’s it.

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