Just Because a Card is Numbered 1/1, Doesnt Mean Its Real

Over the last few months, it really seems as though the uninformed collectors out there have let their guard down more than usual. Its like they dont get that just because a card is 1/1, does not mean it will be free from the douchebag scammers who take advantage of people who dont know any better. Oddly, over the last few weeks, there have been a plethora of OBVIOUSLY fake 1/1s that have surfaced, some for the fourth and fifth times.

Its easy to see why the scammers do this. People see 1/1 and all their inhibitions fly right out the window, regardless if the card in question isnt from a set that usually contains logos. Because so many people refuse to believe that they can be had, we see exactly why stuff like this happens the way it does.

People, listen up. NONE of these cards are real. You can fight me all you want, but they are all fakes, regardless of certification from any third party grading company. Take my word for it, this IS my bag, baby.

Brett Favre Triple Threads 1/1 Logo – This card originally had three two color patches, and now you can see what it has been replaced with. BGS only authenticates the card, and it is very easy to separate the printing plates and replace the patches without them having a clue.

Brett Favre Triple Threads 1/1 Logo – Confirmed fake on Blowout and by Topps. Captain’s patches like the far left were never used in 2008 products, nor 2007 or 2009.

Dwayne Wade Triple Threads Logo 1/1 – Another one of the Triple Threads printing plates.

Tom Brady Triple Threads Logo 1/1 – Are you seeing a trend here? This one is also from Ufjumper, so we know its fake.

Manning/Brady/Romo Triple Logo 1/1 – No logos were used in this particular subset. 100% fake.

Tom Brady Triple Threads Logo 1/1 – Same seller, same logo, different player. Confirmed fake.

Brett Favre SPX Triple Logo 1/1 – Confirmed fake on blowout, same seller as above.

Spread the word, these cards got A LOT of bids. That means there are a lot of clueless people out there who are getting scammed out of their money. We need to watch their asses for them if they cant do it themselves.

9 thoughts on “Just Because a Card is Numbered 1/1, Doesnt Mean Its Real

  1. I have written to Topps about this exact issue and they just ignore me. I suggested the have an online database of all #/d patch cards and such so you can reference any card to see if it is fake.How hard would an online database be. And it would put them head and shoulders above the competition in regards to customer service and security!

    but then again, what do collectors know!

  2. I honestly don’t think the card companies care. I think they’d rather have as many monster sick mojo $1,000+ auctions on eBay as possible. But more than anything I’m sure they don’t want people to start questioning every patch card that comes second hand. It’d be crippling for high end products.

  3. What I would like to see is real repercussions towards these scammers. I know the FBI has tried in recent years to crack down on fake sports memorabilia. I would suggest that they have a submission hotline where vigilant collectors who have documented proof of some of these doctored cards can report the crime. Once the have enough evidence, they can then pursue these scammers. This is the only way to make it stop. Criminal consequence.

  4. topps told me this when i called them last year about the fake ring of honor autos. people were taking the base ones with no auto and putting stickers on them. thats why they put certified autograph on the fron of santonio holms. anywyas
    this is what they said

    “its not a really big deal, if people cant figure out the dif between fake and real then they have no business in this hobby. its also not our problem. once a card leaves the factory its someone else’s item. its no longer our responsability”

  5. To that I say that there are so many clueless people that bid on these cards, Topps wouldnt have enough people to buy their junk if they flew by that MO.

  6. I agree with The Card Investor. The FBI should get involved when they become aware of the extent of this crime. However, I don’t believe, the FBI will devote resources to investigating collectors complaints. The manufacturers (Topps, Upper Deck) must get involved for the FBI to take notice. If the card manufacturers would supply the evidence/proof, I am sure the FBI would go after these crooks.

    PSA has people/someone policing eBay to see if anyone is using the “PSA” name or reference in a listing for a non-PSA item. EBay will immediately take down a listing when PSA tells eBay to take it down.

    The card manufacturers should be policing (one part-time employee could do the job and supply information to the FBI) eBay and other selling sites. And, eBay should ban these crooks for multiple (3 or 4, to eliminate the chance of a unsuspecting third party seller) offenses.

  7. I don’t see a card company caring because if the fakers are making cards with awesome patches other collectors will see those patches and think wow Topps has sick cards I think I’ll buy a pack. Essentially, companies will never have the incentive to shut down fakes. Added costs but no added value to them. Topps isn’t making any extra on these secondary sales so why should they care?

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  9. I have a 91 star pics brett favre autograph #65. I’m staring to read more and more that these guys are recreating them. I just don’t know where to get the card checked in Canada. Is there truth to this card being targeted by the scammers?

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