Just Because its a 1/1 Doesnt Mean Its Real, Vol XXVIII

I have said for a long time that when it comes to fakes, the OBVIOUS solution is education by the companies and the news sources that many collectors unfortunately value for their information. Because so many people are scared of frightening away new and old collectors from this hobby that has a STARK WHITE AND ULTRA CLEAN reputation, no one ever tackles this subject. Well, this is one of those situations that many people just never understand.

TThey see a card numbered 1/1 and they automatically write off any doubt solely because of the serial number. Well, guess what, the scam artists know this tendency and they abuse it. Because 1/1s have become commonplace rather than a chase element, they have become significantly easier to buy at a cheap price to alter. This means there is that much more money to be made, and when that happens, there will be a ton of people who will try to take advantage of it.

Check out this Adrian Peterson card. In addition to the seller having a few other cards that are similarly laughable, this one poses the biggest problem because it is a 1/1 plate. What most people dont understand is how easy it is to split the plate cards on the side seam, take out the patches, and put these fake ones in there instead. You can tell the far right patch isnt real because of the stitching and color of the swatch, and the two logos being there doesnt make it any less laughable. When you see the others this guy is trying to pass off, it becomes a point of education more than anything. He may not be the person who did these originally, but the body of evidence speaks for itself.

Funny enough, this actually happens a lot, especially with Triple Threads cards because of many 1/1s are put into the product every year. Triple Threads is the worst product of the year almost exclusively, and you can easily do a search and see that this is just one of the many reasons on the laundry list as to why.

Let me reiterate that you are the only one who will be looking out for you, so ALWAYS check out the seller’s other items – BOTH selling and sold, and dont hesitate to ask opinions of others. Its ALWAYS safe to walk away, as doubt should never be a part of any sale. It just isnt worth it in the long run.

12 thoughts on “Just Because its a 1/1 Doesnt Mean Its Real, Vol XXVIII

  1. Are you saying that the Favre 1 of 1 is fake? If so, what evidence do you have? Have you inspected the card in person?

  2. This was one of four triple threads 1/1s that were all sold at the same time from the seller khartinla4gnd. Because the others were so obvious, and were still Beckett authenticated, I contacted Topps about their verification. Topps said they werent real. In addition, at the time, the Dwayne wade logo card was shown before and after. This card has been sold so many times that its tough to track who has the others. There was a Brady, another Favre, a Wade, and this one. Ill see if eBay has links for the others in this series of fakes. In fact, the others were so bad that they used Captain’s patches in a set from the year before they were used on jerseys.

  3. Thanks for background information…good stuff. What did Beckett say? I wonder if there is a liability (legal) out there…not sure they have a guarantee.

  4. In this case, its a smoke screen. Its usually used for cards that are highly counterfeited, but not necessarily in the best condition for grading (like a 1986 Jordan Rookie or something similar). People also use the slabs for protection. What this seller did was submit them to Beckett because he knew he could make it look like the patches were real. It was done to all four of the cards, but because Beckett couldnt find anything “altered” about the card itself, and the logos on a 1/1 met their risk assessment, they graded the card – not the patches – as real. They arent.

  5. So Beckett grades a card authentic without authentic without checking the autos or patches? That’s ridiculous. It really seems like if a person could prove a card’s patches are fake you could sue Beckett, I mean that’s total BS.

  6. They can say that they only grade the CARD as authentic, not the patches. I have heard that they will reject cards that show signs of tampering, but because the triple threads cards are split on the seams, the cards are not usually that easy to see.

  7. Well if they are “The World’s most trusted source” they would take the 2.5 seconds it takes to take their hand off their slong and check the seam of the card before taking the $10.

  8. I am now the owner of the Peyton Manning patch card listed above, the one with the Reebok and Captain’s Patch, along with a 1/1 White Whale Manning that has an NFL logo as well as a Reebok Logo and 2-color patch. Somewhat like your Peterson in question. After weeks of deliberation and reading these posts I confronted the seller and then Topps Quality Assurance and they said they have no record of speaking to anyone regarding these cards being fake. They also said they would NEVER call a card fake until they inspected it personally. They said they might question it’s authenticity, which in this case they have not. Secondly, show me a video of this splitting process being done, beginning to end. Show me some evidence Topps has made this claim they’re fake. AND show me the original that was altered. The real deal card investigators have before and after photos. Often these 1/1’s and other rarities will have been sold online at some time or the other. This is tracked before allegations are made. Happens all the time with SP Authentic patches. You are pointed out rare cards and calling them fake with unfounded proof. Nothing on my cards were split. They’re intact. I have had several card shop owners look at them. One of which used to work as a rep for Topps and said these things are noticeable. We compared non altered patches to my Manning’s, there is no evidence of tampering. Triple Threads is a high end product that gives way to some very nice cards. I just don’t see where you’re getting your information.

  9. Will, I had wrote out some long educational rant about why you are not understanding the true reason for my post, but I decided against keeping it.

    In the end, if you feel that after your original feelings of doubt and your “exhaustive” investigation over the authenticity, that its real, good for you.

    Just remember, there are a lot of people who need to cover their ass, and even more people who will tell you exactly what you want to hear. I mean, you had questions yourself, enough to investigate the way you did, so that should say something.

    Either way, this post is a year old, so this is the last I am going to respond.

  10. Fair enough and I am hearing what you’re saying…I’m not saying you’re wrong with the allegations…I’m just saying that I can’t find any proof. It’s true, I have exhaustively tried to find evidence to support your claim and can’t find it…it’s all speculation from what my findings are. The simple fact is I love the card and I love many of the other nice logo patches that are on Ebay from Triple Threads…I want to continue buying them but am not because I saw your thread and others like it and am a concerned hobbyist…hence the reason I’m putting so much effort into finding the truth. All this just really takes the fun out of the hobby…all I was trying to say is I just wish that when people make these claims they have definitive evidence…before and after photos, examples of the tampering process, etc. I respect your opinion, but until further proof is given it should be just that. I apologize for questioning you in any way that appeared disrespectful. That was truly not my intention.

    Best regards

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