Laughably Bad Cards from 2013 Panini Father’s Day Packs

Every year, cards are created and released that I question as to why the thought even was approached. There are so many, in fact that I have almost become desensitized to it. Then, every so often, I come across one or two that just baffle me. They challenge my ideas of how bad things could get, and for the most part it still isnt that shocking.

Now that the Father’s day promotion is pretty much in full swing from Panini, we are getting a good idea of what is in the packs. Two subsets in particular are really testing my power of sight.

2013 Panini Father’s Day Ryan Nassib Rookie Debut

2013 Panini Father’s Day Ohrian Johnson Rookie Debut

2013 Panini Father’s Day Duron Carter Rookie Debut Auto Relic

2013 Panini Father’s Day Gordie Howe Event Used Relic

I understand that Panini is basically giving these cards away, but that still doesnt excuse them or give them a pass for this crap. Even in free giveaways, you still have a responsibility to provide some level of quality. Obviously, with these cards, there is none. Panini basically took some VERY candid photos at the Rookie Debut, which happens at draft time, and used these photos to create a set. Im not sure why. Not only do the pictures look like someone snapped them while walking the red carpet alongside them, but the addition of swatches really makes no sense. For reference, Duron Carter is the son of HOF receiver Cris Carter, and was invited for a WORKOUT with the Vikings in May. It is about as unlikely as it can be that he will make the team or even get invited to training camp. Didnt stop Panini from making this card. Value by pedigree, yay!

Similarly, Panini has really taken to creating cards with no picture on the front. They feel as though the swatch is more important than anything, basically producing a card sized swatch with a border and back on it. I find this to be A) lazy, B) Ugly, and C) stupid. Over time, collectors have gravitated to ridiculous patch cards, I get that, but is that really what this hobby has become? Horrible.

The terms “value added” and “help to move product” are assigned to this giveaway, but if it is stuffed full of cards like this, Im going to pass and advise you to do the same.

4 thoughts on “Laughably Bad Cards from 2013 Panini Father’s Day Packs

  1. Looks like Panini treats and views hardworking Fathers like a day in Family Court. All joking aside, I agree, a huge red swatch that may or may not contain a real authentic jersey. At least give Roddy White a gold or silver pen to autograph that huge red swatch. Then the Father’s of those can at least say I have a piece of material tha Roddy White autographed. I will give Panini this, they have finally designed a Rookie logo “RC” to the rookie cards that are released this year. IMO that is a start.

  2. Just don’t forget that these packs aren’t free, the Big P makes you purchase more of their slow-moving inventory in order to get them… with no additional packs being offered for what you may already have in stock.

  3. What a waste of product. I will not be buying any of this junk. Thanks Panini

  4. The “printing plate” regular card stock inserts are the stupidest thing I can recently recall. It’s a freaking piece of cardboard printed to look like a printing plate. The reverse is blank. Garbage.

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