Leaf Johnny Manziel Draft Predictors Are Live

Last week, Leaf announced that they were going to be offering a program where collectors can buy exclusive packs onlineThese packs each contained a card of Manziel with a city name on it. These packs each contained a card of Maziel with a city name on it. If that team picked him in next month’s draft, the card can be exchanged for an autographed version of the card. Each team only has 41 copies, so there are not many out there.

The first ones have hit, and its easy to see where collectors believe Manziel will go:

2014 Leaf Manziel Draft Predictor – Cleveland

2014 Leaf Manziel Draft Predictor – Jacksonville

2014 Leaf Manziel Draft Predictor – Houston

Upper Deck also has their own version, but inserted in packs. They selling nicely as well:

2014 Upper Deck Johnny Manziel Draft Predictor

I really like this program, and I think that anytime a card company can count on Manziel at this point, they will walk away with people buying in. The cards look really cool, and I have to give it to Brian Gray for trying this out. Exclusive eBay sets have not really performed that well in the past, but this one seems to be a bit different due to its limited nature.

Personally I think Manziel will end up in Cleveland, but Jacksonville and Minnesota are all very good guesses as to where he will eventually go. I bought a pack and ended up with Cincy. Although its a long shot, there have been talk about Dalton not being the answer there. Could have been worse.

4 thoughts on “Leaf Johnny Manziel Draft Predictors Are Live

  1. Again, love the site but I think you are making a story out of Manziel where there is none! You say there are only 41 of each team yet your “most likely” scenario can’t even bring a $250 offer? I think he is a bust, his card is a bust, and you are reaching to make 2014 an interesting year because 2013 was such a dog. There is nothing exciting about this, other than 41 X however many teams don’t end up getting him will end up owning a card they can’t give away.

  2. Just tweeted to you a little while ago. Didn’t see you had already made this saying who you pulled. I got lucky and hit Jacksonville. Can’t make up my mind if I want to sell it or roll the dice. Also not a fan that you have to mail in winning cards in order to redeem them. A simple code couldn’t have worked?

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