Leon Sandcastle Makes His Hobby Debut!

I am a big fan of humor in just about every walk of life. If its clever, funny, or even offensively funny, Im usually at the front of the line when it comes to buying in. Maybe that is why I love this card so much, as I think the humor in it provides intrinsic value. That’s just who I am, and I get that there are a lot of people out there who dont agree with me.

When I hear that both Panini and Topps would be producing cards of Deion Sanders as Leon Sandcastle, I am on board. Not only am I a fan of the showboating HOFer in Primetime, but I thought the commercial was absolutely brilliant. It has also brought about some awesome stuff already on the market. To think that the card companies are catching on, makes me a very happy guy. I will DEFINITELY be buying these cards. Hell, these ones arent all that bad either.

Panini has even said that there would be Leon Sandcastle AUTOGRAPHS available in 2013 Prestige, which I cannot wait to see. Deion Sanders’ autographs already have a high premium considering he doesnt play an offensive skill position, but that only goes to show what fame and notoriety can do for card values:

1999 Score Deion Sanders Rookie Reprint Auto

2012 National Treasures Baseball Deion Sanders Auto Tag

2012 Contenders Deion Sanders Legendary Autographs

2013 Score and 2013 Bowman will both be out in a week or two, and both products will be the first of 2013 for each company. Although I think that the fact that Panini chose to use close up head shots is a horrible idea, instead of airbrushed pics like Topps, this card makes the set. Topps wins the visual appeal battle between the two, but I have yet to hear whether or not autographs will be available. I have much more faith in Topps’ making the cooler card than Panini, but autographs can easily turn the tide. Its all going to depend on the way they turn out. Who knows, it could turn out like these disasters, and then I wont even bother.


This one still remains the best – courtesy of Busting Packs.com


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