Memorializing the Armed Services in Cards for Memorial Day

Today is the day most associated with the appreciation of the sacrifice made by members of the armed services. Its come to also signify a memorial for anyone who has lost their life in the line of duty – including domestically as well. As a result, many people around the country are given the day off, and I think its time to give some salutes here as well. Card companies have taken a huge interest in saluting the armed services and others, including special cards and parallels in their sets. Here are some of my favorites.

Topps Camo Border Parallels

In 2012 Topps and Topps Chrome football, as well as 2013 Topps baseball, they created a parallel that is dedicated to celebrating the armed services. You would expect that the camouflage style would look both busy and ugly, but it works tremendously well. I absolutely love that there are cards like this out there, as it is something that many collectors want in their personal stash. They have already stated that it will be back for a second year in football as well, which is music to my ears.

2012 Topps Chrome Russell Wilson Camo Auto /105

2012 Topps Chrome Doug Martin Camo Auto /105

2013 Topps Baseball Derek Jeter Camo /99

Horrors of War Cut Autographs

This one isnt as much a favorite as it is something that I find extremely interesting. Back in 1938 and in subsequent years, the Horrors of War brand was created to showcase art and pictures from the front lines. Last year, it was revived, this time with cut autographs of some of the most notorious people involved in the major wars of the 1900s and 2000s. Some of the cuts were incredibly controversial, and as a result, collectors went crazy trying to pull and buy them.

Famous Fabrics Horrors of War John F Kennedy Cut Auto

Famous Fabrics Horrors of War Norman Schwartzkopf Cut Auto

Desert Storm

After the first major war of our generation, it was easy to see why a commemorative set was created to remember it. Of course, after some pretty prominent pop culture appearances, the entire set became a nostalgic collectible for many fans.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Proof Set

2012 Panini Father’s Day 9/11 Tribute

Back at the beginning of the 2011 season, the NFL dedicated a week to the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Panini bought and cut up a few footballs from that game, and inserted them in packs given away on Father’s day. The cards were cool because of the patriotic elements included in the design, and some of them have been pretty sought after.

2012 Panini Father’s Day Phillip Rivers Game Used 9/11 Football

2012 Panini Father’s Day Adrian Peterson Game Used 9/11 Football

Topps American Pie Elvis Cards

For a long time, Topps has used their American Pie brand to celebrate all sorts of Americana that everyone has gravitated towards. Back in 2002, they released a card of Elvis Pressley that included a swatch of shirt that he wore during his days in the service. They go for a ton of money, as most Elvis related items do, and I find them really quite crazy.

2002 Topps American Pie Elvis Pressley Army Worn Shirt

2009 Topps American Heritage

This set is more of a set dedicated to the history of the country rather than the armed services, but obviously the two will overlap. This is really the first time a set has been released with iconic designs used to represent historical figures. Its an interesting idea, including some of the relics.

2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes Space Shuttle Columbia Relic

2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes USS North Carolina Deck Relic

2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes WWI Signal Flag Relic

I have had lots of close friends and family serve our country, thank you to all of them for their sacrifice.

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