Mid August Surprise: Topps Releases 2015 Series One Designs!

This is a big day for baseball cards each year, and I am always excited to see what Topps is able to come up with each time the design is released. Playing off a lot of retro themed looks for recent sets, it should come as no surprise that the new design has a feel similar to some of the older sets from the late 1990s.

Base Design

I really like it, and I think it will transfer EXTREMELY well to Chrome and parallel structures. As much as a conservative look as 2014 Topps turned out to be, this is a complete departure. I think it presents a very cool take on how to present the MLB players in a way that looks fresh, and they have done a really good job here.

Last year:

2014 Topps Jose Abreu RC

2014 Topps Masahiro Tanaka RC

2014 Topps Yoenis Cespedes Platinum 1/1

This year:

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)


There is no other set in baseball that I like more than Strata signature relics. Making their debut in football over previous years, Strata came to baseball last year and were some of the most sought after high end inserts of the year. The design is a carbon copy of 2014 football, which is its own set, and I hope the checklist works out to have some of my guys in the mix.

Last Year:

2014 Topps Strata Reggie Jackson Shadowbox Auto

2014 Topps Strata Hank Aaron Shadowbox Auto

This Year:


Metal Frames

In previous years, Topps has done reprints of iconic rookies with Metal Frames /10, and it looks like they are returning as a parallel to the base set. Not only do I think this is a really cool element to the set, but I like adding them as a parallel instead of a subset.

Last Year:

2014 Topps Cal Ripken Jr RC Metal Frame Reprint /25

2014 Topps Derek Jeter RC Metal Frame Reprint /199

This Year:

unnamed (1)

Other Inserts

I think this years group of inserts are actually about 100 times better than 2014. Where I thought 2014 was horribly boring and uninspired, these look to have a much better theme and presentation to them. I am exposed to these inserts so much on Topps Bunt that I am kind of invested in their look. These are nicely done.

Last Year:

2014 Topps Mike Trout Trajectory Auto

2014 Topps Felix Hernandez Commemorative Patch

This Year:

15TBB1_2201_HOTYAuto_RIPKEN 15TBB1_2301_InspirationsDualAuto_CANOKGJr 15TBB1_2901_BYCAuto_SMITH 15TBB1_5003_Achetypes_AutoRel_Carltonunnamed

Overall, its no secret that Topps needs to make a splash with their upcoming products in light of recent news, and I think this is a damn good start to the 2015 card year. Im actually pretty excited.

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