More 2010 Bowman Craziness

Holy crap. I thought I had seen it all until I saw stuff like this. Strasburg’s autographs are going fucking nuts, Starlin Castro’s stuff is more expensive than I expected it to be, and Jason Heyward’s SECOND chrome auto and THIRD Chrome card is hitting record values. Check these out:

Stephen Strasburg Blue Auto /250 – Best offer $499 (Crazy)
Stephen Strasburg Blue Auto /250 – Sold $480 (STILL CRAZY)
Stephen Strasburg Regular Base Auto – Sold $360 (effing ridiculous)
Stephen Strasburg Regular Base Auto – Another selling at 338!
Jason Heyward Blue Refractor Auto /250 – Sold $248 (So crazy I cant even say)
Starlin Castro Gold Refractor Auto – First bid open at 500!
Starlin Castro Refractor Auto /500 – Sold $202 (Craziest yet – this is just a refractor!)
Dustin Ackley Blue Refractor Auto /250 – Best Offer $140 (Wow.)
Talk about getting in on the penthouse level over the ground floor. Holy shitballs.
EDIT: Even I get caught up in the hype, bought a few jumbo packs over lunch. Pulled a base non-chrome Strasburg and Castro, as well as these two autos. Not bad, ill decide what to do with them after I figure out if they are good pulls. I know Jackson isnt a bad pull, especially with the year he is having, but who knows.

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