More Reports Surfacing for 2012 Topps Chrome, Leading Up To Hobby Release

Continuing the wall to wall coverage of Topps Chrome, we are starting to see the depth of the offerings in the product so far, as retail is starting to pay off in spades for lucky collectors. Although Hobby is still on the horizon for hitting widespread tomorrow, there are some pretty amazing cards that have already been posted.

Topps did a GREAT job in getting on card autographs on a million different iconic subsets this year, and I could not be more happy. I love that they are using the 1984 design and the 1957 design to bring extra rookie content to Chrome, and the first of these cards has been posted for sale, a huge Trent Richardson that seems to be from a retail program, rather than hobby. Although I will never be a fan of the helmet off look, these cards really do look like a great homage to one of the best cards ever produced – the Johnny Unitas RC.

More importantly, my favorite cards of the set, the red refractors are back, and the 2012 Topps design is exceptionally perfect for making these cards pop like the rubies they are. I absolutely love the way that the value is there for non-autographed parallels the way these are, and it is incredible to see the asking prices on some of them already.

Check these out:

2012 Topps Chrome Robert Griffin III Red Refractor /25

2012 Topps Chrome Trent Richardson Red Refractor /25

2012 Topps Chrome Nick Foles Red Refractor /25

There are also LOW numbered parallels of all the inserts, including Gold Refractors of the 1984 inserts, and Red Refractors of the Tall Boys. Both are a hugely popular subset from 2012 base Topps, and the updated pictures just look that much better.

I honestly believe that 2012 Topps Chrome will be close to impossible to knock off as the set of the year, at least until Five Star hits shelves in February, and I think we are only in for more treats to be revealed over the next few days.

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  1. I just picked up a couple of Blasters from WallMart. Hope I hit something cool!!

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