My 2013 Pro Bowl Rosters Through Week 16

I am not a fan of the pro bowl as a game, but I always love to look at the all-star teams as a way of preserving the success of a player’s season. Because football is such a violent sport, the pro bowl game might as well be a practice session because of injury fears. The NFL is trying to solidify interest in the game by taking away the conference affiliation, but its still a joke. I just want to talk about the actual skill position players I think should be represented.

Quarterback – Peyton Manning

With Manning breaking the TD record this year, it should come as no surprise that he will be representing the starting QB on my list. After a crazy comeback season last year that should have ended better than it did, there is a lot of hope 2013 will finish better. He is the front runner for MVP, and his card values are even seeing some lift because of the record.

2013 Certified Peyton Manning Mirror Gold Auto /10

2013 Bowman Sterling Peyton Manning Black Refractor Auto

Running Back – Jamaal Charles

Its really hard for me to say that Charles beat out Adrian Peterson without feeling bad about myself, but man the Vikings were terrible this year. Charles put up a great season running and catching the ball, and there is no doubt he deserves to be the starter. Collectors still haven’t bought in all the way on his cards, but that will change if he keeps having seasons like he has had.

2012 National Treasures Jamaal Charles Auto Patch

2011 Topps Five Star Jamaal Charles Auto Patch

Running Back – LeSean McCoy

Chip Kelly really has something going for him in the tandem of Foles and McCoy, with many people arguing that both deserve some league MVP consideration. I think that like Charles, McCoy’s pass catching ability makes him a dual threat that teams have to deal with, and that is always a plus for any back in this league.

2013 Limited LeSean McCoy Auto Patch

2013 Topps Lesean McCoy Auto Patch

Wide Receiver – Josh Gordon

When the Browns traded Trent Richardson, everyone wrote off their season except for the players themselves. Because of a suspension, Gordon probably didn’t have the type of numbers he could have had, but he came back to one of the best stretches I have ever seen a WR have. To couple this with the fact he literally had no help at the QB position makes it even more remarkable.

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Wide Receiver – Calvin Johnson

Megatron’s team may have performed below expectations, but his stats don’t lie. If he hadn’t had knee problems in the last few games, the torrid pace would likely have continued. Johnson was the only reason the Lions did as well as they did, and I don’t think that there is any reason to short him a place on this list. If only he had some recent autographs to buy, right?

2011 Limited Calvin Johnson Auto Patch

2010 National Treasures Calvin Johnson Auto Patch /3

Tight End – Jimmy Graham

The way that the Saints play ball is wholly conducive to a force of nature like Graham. He does everything exceptionally, and isn’t too far away from setting records with a great performance on Sunday. I would guess that the injury early in the season put a damper on his stats, which only speaks further volume on what he did this year for a great New Orleans team.

2013 Topps Platinum Jimmy Graham Auto Patch Gold

Kicker – Justin Tucker

Mr. Clutch has had a tremendous season in Baltimore, despite the fact that the team drastically underperformed. Even collectors have bought into his value, which is insane for a kicker to do. Tucker is the man at this position, which only further solidifies his place on this year’s pro bowl team.

2012 Totally Certified Justin Tucker Red Auto /290 – I just dont understand this price.

Returner – Cordarrelle Patterson

HOMER ALERT – I know. Aside from leading the league in every category when it comes to return statistics, Patterson put up some great numbers on a team that had no power outside of their running back. Their special teams unit flourished because of what he was able to do on kickoffs, and I think he deserves a mention here.

2013 Topps Strata Cordarrelle Patterson Shadowbox Auto /35

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I realize this article will spark some debate, but I am sure it will pale in comparison to the debate that will happen once the actual rosters are announced. Voting closed today, so its only a matter of time.

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