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First and foremost, I am an autograph collector. Because I am an autograph collector, my main focus is not to accumulate as many base cards as I possibly can, or having the biggest collection around, but instead collecting the best looking autographs. Since I was a kid, I have wanted to have signatures of my favorite players and entertainers. As a result, my collection is almost completely composed of autographed cards, especially those of Minnesota related subjects.

My biggest collecting focus is Adrian Peterson and Joe Mauer, with a secondary focus on other Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins. You can view the main parts of my collection on Sports Card Album at this address.

If you feel that you have a card that I would want, please contact me at the contact link for this site.

4 thoughts on “My Collection

  1. Awesome autl collection.

    Best examples i’ve seen. You are an important voice for collectors. Wish you were writing for sports collectors digest.

  2. I used to live down the street from Jake Reed. I have about 4 cards he signed too. Very nice collection. Thoughts on AP becoming a saint? I thought he would be a Viking forever.

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