My Least Favorite Day of the Year: 2011 Triple Threads Baseball

I hate this day every year. Although Topps did a lot of good this year with their base set in both Baseball and Football, and the Chrome and Five Star products in football were some of the best of the year, Triple Threads is usually the antithesis of everything Topps does well. Huge box prices with horrible content, and even if you do get something valuable, its going to look like shit. Thats what Triple Threads means to me, and I completely get that many love it because of how many “big hits” they believe are in the set.

Topps released information on the 2011 Baseball brand, and although some of the problems that plague this product have been improved, many of the issues still require MAJOR attention. The addition of Koufax and Aaron to the Topps exclusive are expected to drive this product, but when the hits look the way they do, I dont see the point. Secondly, they added a hit per pack, which will do nothing but add thousands and thousands of junk hit to make up for the extra cost of including them in the product. Yeah, you may get an extra two hits, but it isnt going to be cards that many people want to see.

Lastly, AT LEAST the stickers arent carved into the design of the card this year, a part of Triple Threads I have ALWAYS despised. I never understood why Topps wanted your eye to go right to the lack of a hard signed autograph, instead of just using the clear stickers on the foilboard. Now that they have opted to do that for 2011, it definitely looks better than it did in previous years, but the lame ass crap spelled out in the die cut windows still drag it to hell. Add in that the players are still as tiny as ever, I continue to stand by my hatred of this shitty excuse for a product.

Here are the pics, obviously Topps wants you to get all worked up over the major patches, but I cant say enough about how terrible these cards look:

2 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Day of the Year: 2011 Triple Threads Baseball

  1. Damn. So close. They almost got that Buster Posey right. ‘Cept for that ugly-ass band aid with numbers and letters carved into it. Get that crap off there, keep that fade to the right side, enlarge the player photo a bit and add a team logo die-cut for a jersey/patch piece under the auto…. just sayin’. Oh well, hopefully the new NFL labor agreement will get UD back in the fold sooner rather than later so we can have HOFer autographs in sets again. On card. One can only dream…

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