NFL Championship Weekend Winners and Losers

Now that the Super Bowl is set, its going to be the hottest time to sell football cards for all players – believe it or not. Yesterday’s games were all pretty fun to watch, and many of the guys did themselves some tremendous favors by playing well. Others not so much. Even though I am beyond depressed that football season is almost over, I am quite excited to see how everything shakes out. Here are my winners and losers from Sunday.

Richard Sherman – WINNER

I am a fan of his, not just because he has supplanted Darrelle Revis as the top corner in the league, but because he is a fierce player who isnt afraid to go nuts. Does he take some of it too far? Of course he does, but he isnt afraid of anyone. His play last night was the biggest of the year for Seattle, and his lack of hobby presence has made him a VERY valuable signature and rookie card. His stuff has steadily been climbing, and it has become as hot as it has ever been.

2013 Contenders Richard Sherman Auto NFL Ink

2013 Totally Certified Richard Sherman Emerald Auto /5

2012 Contenders Richard Sherman RC SP

Legarrette Blount – LOSER

Should have listened to me last week, as I mentioned there is no worse place to play than NE. As a free agent, I doubt he is brought back, and all that money people dumped into him after the divisional round just went up in smoke. The Broncos didnt let him out of the backfield, and he had minimal touches the whole game. Not a good way to follow up the performance of his life.

2010 National Treasures Legarrette Blount Auto RC

2010 SP Authentic Legarrette Blount Auto RC

Russell Wilson – WINNER

I would normall label this as another “push” instead of a win, but a SB berth will always make someone’s cards go nuts. He hasnt exactly lit things up the last few weeks, and I doubt that he will play like Manning in the big game. That being said, I think he still has a very bright future, and I am thinking twice about listing some of the cards I have. Now is not the time to buy in, but check him out after the season is done. Having a full season of Harvin next year will be a big help.

2012 Topps Chrome Russell Wilson Auto RC BGS 9.5

2012 Contenders Russell WIlson Ticket Auto BGS 9.5

Colin Kaepernick – LOSER

Although he was responsible for most of his team’s offense, and also most of the reason why the niners lost, Kaep’s time as the hottest is over. He played about as poorly of second half as possible, and I doubt that collectors are going to be as willing to dump thousands on him any longer. There is still a reason to buy in now, as his future is still limitless as a result of the coaching and defense.

2011 Crown Royale Colin Kaepernick Silhouette Auto Patch

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Auto Refractor RC

Peyton Manning – WINNER

I love Manning, and I want the Broncos to win just so that he can get another ring to match his lucky brother. Manning is one of, if not the best of all time, and he is a great ambassador for the league in every possible way. He signs for fans and for the card companies every chance he can, so his autos are not as valuable due to saturation. Its a shame, but he will get a huge bump this week.

2012 Absolute Peyton Manning Auto Spectrum /49

2013 Bowman Sterling Peyton Manning Prism Refractor Auto

Man, am I excited for the Super Bowl, as we could not have a better matchup. Top offense vs Top Defense, and you know its going to be a fun time. Lets hope we get some nice action until then, because we definitely need a win for the hobby in football.

One thought on “NFL Championship Weekend Winners and Losers

  1. There may be winners but I dont think anyone is a buy…

    No one should buy Sherman right now. Biggest name after Manning but is a corner back. If Deion is the best at least in terms of card price, than who is 2nd best? I dont think there is any room to make $$ of buying him now to sell later…

    I think the time to sell Wilson is now. He is getting a lot of play for a QB with the best D and a solid run game. He is not being asked to win with his arm and Harvin has never played a full year and there is no reason to think he ever will. Seattle is young and set for a while and can afford to get WRs in the draft or FA market…

    The only buys of Manning might be in a Denver uni. 15 years in the league with tons of cards. Dont buy now on the hype. Like you mentioned, tons of autos over valued right now, even when he wins, they will settle back to the $80 range

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