NFL Draft Day Two – Hobby Names Are Coming Fast and Furious

Yesterday was a slower day for top picks, with only Tavon Austin, DeAndre Hopkins, and Cordarrelle Patterson coming off the board. Almost immediately on day two, many of the big names of the draft were selected, including a few to bigger teams with lots of collectors. This ended up being a pretty good day for collectors, as the teams will command as much value as the player’s talent in some of these cases.

Geno Smith

Taken by the Jets in the early part of the second round, Geno Smith becomes the likely starter day one for New York. The problem is that his options at receiver still seem about as thin as ever. The Jets were primed to add a receiver or two in the third round, but opted to fill gaping holes on the offensive line instead. I guess you need to protect your QB if you are going to have any shot at completing passes to your non-existent receivers. THe best part is that he went to a team with a ton of collectors, instead of a team like Buffalo or Jacksonville. That is a VERY good thing.

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Geno Smith Green Auto /10

2013 Upper Deck Geno Smith Auto SSP

Manti Te’o

Like Smith, Manti had a very long wait but eventually ended up going to San Diego, which looks to be a great fit. The Chargers are a popular team, but not popular enough to make people want to collect a second round middle linebacker. Again, Te’o could have fallen a lot further, so it was a great thing for 2013 hobby values that he didnt fall further than he already did. He is one of the top autos in the class because of his infamous situation, and this pick should stop the bleeding a bit.

2013 Press Pass Fan Fare Manti Te’o Auto 1/1

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Manti Teo Red Refractor Auto /5

Eddie Lacy

There were a number of running backs taken off the board before Lacy, which was a really bad situation for the guy believed to be the top back in the draft. Lacy ended up with the Packers, which is bad for his likely playing time in their committee system, but good for team affiliation collecting. The Packers are one of the most popular teams in the league, and pre-season values should be bolstered by his arrival in Wisconsin.

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Eddie Lacy Superfractor Auto 1/1

Montee Ball

Selected to Denver in a bit of a surprise move, Ball should add some color to the Broncos running game. Willis McGahee is likely on his way out, and Hillman isnt the answer. With his skills to run between the tackles, I would guess that Ball is going to get the rock a bit in 2013. I dont think he is even close to an elite talent, but going to Denver over a place that already has an established runner is a good thing for his cards.

2013 Upper Deck Montee Ball Ultimate Auto

2013 Press Pass Montee Ball Inscription Auto

Keenan Allen

I was pretty high on Allen before all the injury talk started, and going to a place with a history of a great passing game. Rivers struggled in 2012 for a number of reasons, but he also had very few options to throw to and no running game to speak of. With Allen being added to the mix, its likely he is going to see significant time on the field and likely some good throws. That is not the case for many of the guys drafted this year.

2013 Leaf Valiant Keenan Allen Auto /10

Day three is shaping up to be a strong close to the 2013 draft, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the guys like Ryan Nassib come into things.

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