NFL Week 13 – Who is the Top Valued 2013 Rookie So Far?

There are a few things that determine value in football. Position, team, college, on field production, future potential all contribute to how much collectors are willing to shell out for a card. A mediocre rookie that plays for a popular team may actually get more on eBay than a more productive rookie for a less popular team. Its kind of baffling to me, but it is the way it is. All that being said, who should be the top rookie this year?

EJ Manuel – Current Leader

Quarterbacks take precedent over any and all other positions, regardless of potential. I would even go so far as saying that other positions wont come close as the years move on, especially when its obvious the league is moving to protect them so much. Manuel hasnt played lights out like we saw last year, not even close. Yet, we still see he has the most value of any rookie. I personally believe Manuel was a huge reach during the 2013 Draft, and in a lot of ways, his value is derived from the fact he was the only first round QB drafted.

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Eddy Lacy – Second Place

At times during the year, Lacy has looked tremendous. He has seemingly revitalized a rushing game in Green Bay that was non-existent. He comes from a popular school and plays for one of the most popular teams in the league. The problem is, he plays for a team that relies as heavily as possible on the Quarterback role. This means there wont be as many carries in the future, and Lacy may not have the career he would have playing somewhere else.

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Geno Smith – Third Place

I am not sure if the Jets will ever be an offensive powerhouse enough to make Geno a worthwhile look. However, because the Jets are possible and have beaten both New England and the Saints, shows that the team CAN be successful in some of their big games with Smith at the helm. However, he has played in abysmal fashion in many of the other games, which has made his value fluctuate drastically. Im not sold on Smith and I dont really know if he will be good playing on the Jets. Its unfortunate because he has a beautiful signature.

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Giovani Bernard – Fourth Place

Even though Gio isnt technically the starter, he is the guy who will be next year. Collectors are banking on the previously impressive games from early in the season, and though he hasnt really shown a ton of production lately, it can be due to injury and a team decision to go more to the pass. Green-Ellis continues to get goal line carries which takes TDs off the board for Bernard, but he is definitely having a good season.

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Honorable Mentions

Cordarrelle Patterson – Currently has the most expensive Super on record, shown some major explosiveness this year to whet the appetites of a rabid fan base.

Tavon Austin – Drastically underperformed until 2 weeks ago, coming on strong to close out the year

Mike Glennon – The Bucs were terrible, but he has turned it around to squeak out some wins lately

One thought on “NFL Week 13 – Who is the Top Valued 2013 Rookie So Far?

  1. I would include Zac Stacy in the list of top rookies this year. I know he only has two rookie cards right now, Topps Chrome and Topps base.

    But the guy didn’t get the starting role until week 5 or 6 and has almost 700 yards rushing and 4 TD’s, 100+ receiving yards and a TD.

    Dude is legit.

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