NFL Playoffs: Winners and Losers – Wild Card Round

Wow. What a weekend right? Not only were the games exciting to watch, but the level of play from the bigger hobby names was impressive. I think this might have been the first time in a while that I have watched every minute of every game during the wild card round. Usually I just spend my time wallowing in my own Vikings self pity to enjoy it. Here are my winners and losers.

Tony Romo – WINNER

Over the last few years, Romo has put up great numbers, only to see his big game loser reputation peck away at his legacy. After putting up monster numbers for the regular season, Romo started very flat against the teeth of the Lions’ league leading defense. Demarco Murray also didnt have the normal success due to the way they played him, and it looked grim. He turned it around and was able to squeak out a win, mainly due to some calls and the Defense. His values are going to continue to go up as long as they keep winning, and a matchup against Green Bay could put him into the stratosphere with a win. I am genuinely curious what would have happened to his cards if he hadnt botched that snap to lose the playoff game however many years ago. Im guessing things might be different.

Check these out:

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2014 Flawless Tony Romo Jumbo Patch Auto

Andy Dalton – LOSER

I almost feel bad for him at this point. Not only was he playing without AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham, but he was going against a Colts team that has some serious firepower in Luck and Hilton. I was shocked that it wasnt more lopsided, but Dalton walks away with another playoff loss. I am of the ilk that thinks he probably doesnt deserve ALL the credit for most of the woes, but he is just not fun to watch.

For a QB with so many playoff seasons, you would expect more:

2013 National Treasures Andy Dalton Inscription Auto

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Andrew Luck – WINNER

Here is the thing with Luck, as it is clear he has the tools to be a GREAT all time NFL QB. There are definitely times where it isnt pretty, but that happens. He had receivers drop some nice throws, and that hurt a lot. If Hilton had hung onto a few more of the balls he threw, probably would have been a blowout. The throw he made to Moncrief while falling down is seriously impressive though. That is why collectors are all over him – they know he is something special. Curious to see what happens next week when they roll into Denver. The story lines almost write themselves.

Luck is turning into the Hobby’s favorite son:

2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Black Refractor Auto BGS 9.5

2014 Contenders Andrew Luck Cracked Ice Auto BGS 9.5

2012 Exquisite Andrew Luck Auto RC /99

Ndamukong Suh – LOSER

After that stupid decision to spike Aaron Rodgers like he did in Week 17, I wanted him to lose. Although he made some nice plays, this definitely was not a game he will want to relive. Suh is going to be a free agent this year, and he definitely wanted more playoff games on a national stage to prove his worth outside of his horrible decision making skills. Collectors are indifferent as a defensive player, but he definitely has a rep.

Defense isnt worth anything, but Suh still gets hobby love:

2010 Exquisite Ndamukong Suh Auto Patch RC

2010 Contenders Ndamukong Suh Rookie Ticket Auto

Joe Flacco – WINNER

We all get that there is this big discussion of whether or not Flacco is one of the ELITE (ugh!) QBs in the NFL. Its seriously a big fucking joke now, and it was only fitting that the Steelers couldnt put it together to beat the Ravens. Not only did he play very well, but he did it on the road against a tough defense. There is no doubt Flacco is good, but collectors dont seem to identify with his vanilla persona. I think a deep run will help him more than ever this year.

Flacco has won a title, but doesnt get the same attention:

2013 Topps Supreme Joe Flacco Auto Patch /10

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Logan Thomas – LOSER

For Lindley to play like he did, and for Thomas to not even get a look for the starting role is pretty nuts. It was almost a referendum on Thomas’ prospects as an NFL QB, and that doesnt bode well for the people holding his cards. Even if he did get one snap, it doesnt matter, sell while he is still in the league.

His cards have already become relatively worthless despite massive prospecting:

2014 Topps Platinum Logan Thomas Auto RC

2014 Topps Finest Logan Thomas Auto Patch RC

I am literally counting the days until we get to see the best teams take the field against the winners from this week, as the matchups are absolutely insane. I mean, the Green Bay / Dallas game might end up being the best playoff game in a while, and that is saying something. Hopefully next week plays out as well as this week did.

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