Novel or Nothing: Leaf Unopened Edition and Johnny Manziel Draft Packs Are Live

Brian Gray is no stranger to trying to recreate the wheel, and in the last week, he has tried to do bring these new types of ideas to the Leaf Brand.

With the release of 2014 Leaf Unopened football, we have one of the first products that is a repack of unopened wax. As if that wasnt enough, Gray is also offering packs of cards online that try to capitalize on Manziel Mania. These packs feature cities of all 32 NFL teams, to be exchanged if you pull the team that eventually drafts Johnny Football.

Here is where you can buy them:

2014 Leaf Johnny Manziel Draft Exchange Pack

I am a big fan of online exclusives like this, and I think this is a pretty novel idea. For 9.99, its worth a 1:32 shot in pulling the team, especially if you can trade it in for an autographed version of the card. Manziel will be the hottest rookie in the class, at least for the pre-season, and this is a fun way to build on that.

As for Leaf Unopened, I am not as big of a fan. I just dont see the appeal of buying a box of cards whose main draw is that it has another box of cards inside, combined with a bordered slabbed cut auto. From the early breaks, there are a lot of 2007-2011 boxes in the product, including duds like Prestige and Elite from down years.

Although I have seen a box of 2008 NT come out, and a box of Museum Collection FB, the majority of this product is not fairing well for the cases I have seen online.

Leaf has made a name for themselves in the repack business with their “Best Of” products, but with those its a bit different. It is also worth saying that I am not a fan of the bordered cut autograph cards that are required to be in each box.

This product just isnt my thing, although I can see the appeal for someone who has money to burn. I have heard there are boxes of 2000 Contenders and 1998 SP Authentic included. Those would be a fun rip.

One thought on “Novel or Nothing: Leaf Unopened Edition and Johnny Manziel Draft Packs Are Live

  1. I have really started to like the Manziel Draft Predictor idea.

    1. According to their listing, all 32 NFL teams have 41 copies printed. Therefore, there’s an equal shot at getting a team that might draft him. In this hobby, the odds are so stacked against us as collectors that this is a refreshing take.

    2. For about $13 delivered, you get a lot of entertainment value. Sure, opening the pack will be fun but how much fun will it be listening to all the draft buzz for the next few weeks and knowing that you have a shot at an auto. Not to mention draft day when his name finally gets called!

    3. It’s an upfront selling system. You don’t have to buy a crappy box of cards to get a pack of crappy cards with a longshot that you might get a crappy auto (Father’s Day anyone?). It’s simple–>pay this, get that, have a chance at this

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