Odell Beckham Superfractor Auto 1/1 Hits Ebay!

Is this the single biggest card of 2014? Hard to believe that it might be. In the last few years, the hobby has shifted away from every position that isnt Quarterback, but with a few amazing performances and catches on national TV, Odell Beckham Jr may be the hottest thing the hobby has in 2014. His cards are selling for insane money, and I am happy to see that they are. Its about time.

Well, the Topps Chrome Superfractor Auto 1/1 just hit eBay, and it might be the biggest card of the year.

When it comes to chase cards, there is no equal to the autographed Superfractor from Topps Chrome. It will outperform chase cards from boxes that cost hundreds more per rip, and its aura is unlike any other card.

With reports of the Johnny Manziel Superfractor Auto being pulled recently, and the recent listing of the Teddy Bridgewater Superfractor auto as well, this is one of the few remaining cards left. Now that it has been pulled, im curious to see how the market responds. I can easily see this card getting money normally reserved for cars and mortgages, and that’s no joke. The non-auto version of Beckham's superfractor also sold recently.

The Andrew Luck Superfractor Auto sold for 16k back in 2013, and though this wont come close to that, it will likely get the attention of many different New York Giants collectors with deep pockets. I believe the person who pulled it has posted a comment here on the site before, and I would encourage him to post his reaction again below as well.

One can only hope this sale will add a bit of oomph to the market this year, as cards have taken a nosedive lately. There are always people in the market for chase cards, so this will be a test of how far we have come. The non-auto super sold for just under 2k, but I think this will blow that away.

Congrats to the person who just won the lotto!

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