On the Radar: 2014 Panini Prizm Continues Its History of Horrible

Sets like Prizm cement why I hate most of what Panini does. It is everything that shows they are not only unable to cultivate their own brand identity, but they cant even copy things well. Prizm is literally Diet Chrome, but that almost does a disservice to Diet Coke, which is good on its own. This is like Chrome Zero. Today we got the preview for 2014 Prizm and I dont even know what to say.

Check out how bad it has been in previous years. God I hate this set:

2012 Panini Prizm Andrew Luck Auto RC

2012 Panini Prizm Russell Wilson Auto RC

2013 Panini Prizm Eddie Lacy Auto RC

2012 Panini Prizm Demarcus Ware Auto SP

First off, let me say that the base design is better than it has ever been. That’s not saying much due to the horrendous designs of previous sets, but its really one of the only good things that I can say about this preview. They consistently show that they do not know how to recreate the good parts of Chrome, instead failing when they put their spin on it. Stickers instead of on card, separated signature areas and ugly ass white boxes instead of ghosting, horrible names for their sets.

Chrome may use the same design and photography as regular Topps, but the autographs are on card for the rookies, the design is always top notch, and the break is about as fun as it gets. Both sets have an absolute TON of parallels for each card, which is fun at first, but when you start getting above 6 regularly available parallels, it gets to be overkill. Now that Panini has decided to make icon based refractors and fucking tie dye shit, Im well past my level of comfort. Tie dye, I cant make this up. This is who the NFLPA chose to be the sole provider of football cards come 2016. Get ready!

When you also see that they have made photo variations (which I whole-heartedly support), but then choose to use pictures like these, I just lose all interest. Yes, Panini has found a way to make Johnny Manziel into a red carpet fashion model. Congrats?

Maybe we should treat their cards as they want them to be treated. Who wore it better ladies? Johnny or Scar-jo?!?

 photo Capture-3.jpg

Panini is going about this all the wrong way, and I am through sitting back and taking this all in stride. I am past the point of being upset, and I am slowly progressing towards anger. Panini will chalk this up as something that collectors want, but their aftermarket price decreases show differently. I hope you guys eventually join me in voicing our opinion as loudly as possible.


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