On the Radar: 2014 Topps Supreme Brings New Elements to An Old Favorite

Back in 2010, Supreme was released with little fanfare around a product that was basically Triple Threads lite. Since that time, Topps has converted it into one of their biggest and most anticipated releases of the year, with a huge focus on creating a brand identity along side some pretty amazing content. Although there are still a lot of reasons why Supreme should be improved year over year, it always looks good. In fact, it has even been successful enough to be transferred over to baseball. This is a brand I will miss come 2016.

Here are some of the better cards:

2012 Topps Surpeme Nick Foles Booklet Drawn Play Auto /5

2013 Topps Surpeme Eli Manning Logo Patch Booklet Auto 1/1

2013 Topps Surpeme Eddie Lacy Nickname Inscription Auto /5

2013 Topps Surpeme Dan Marino Jumbo Logo Relic Auto

2012 Topps Surpeme Russell Wilson Dual Relic Auto

Because so many of Topps’ products are rookie focused, Supreme’s large amount of veteran content is a big deal. Added focus on booklets and nice relics brings the product to a level of attractiveness that many collectors will like. I think that each year, the design gets a bit better, and the checklist gets a bit better, and when the rookie class is great, Supreme is a winner. This year has all of those things, and I hope we get another good year.

We also see from the solicitation that there will be on card rookie autos (at minimum), for the first time in the history of the product. This has always been the biggest drawback of the product, as a late year release like this should have a lot more on card content. Im glad we are getting it for the first time this year. Another big issue is the configuration, which continues to be rough with so many dud relic boxes with the same price tag as every other pack. Those boxes alone should scare you away from busting this en masse.

I think this product has the potential to be a superior version of Limited, and in terms of singles, it does that and more. The difference is on the box break, which Limited’s configuration can be a bit more forgiving.

Bottom line, some of my favorite autographs of the year come out of Supreme, and I expect another big year again.

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