What Do We Do Now That The Cowboys Are Done?

I was on the edge of my seat through most of the fourth quarter, and seeing the way it turned out has me a lot sad, but not necessarily devastated. I hate the Packers, so so much. They seemingly have a divine presence on their side, much to Tim Tebow’s chagrin, and for the people who put a lot of money in two Dak and Zeke, it was not a fun night. The fact that the Cowboys are now done in the playoffs, it only begs the question of what happens to value now that dreams have been dashed?

The Good

Its clear that Dak and Zeke are special players. They played extremely well last night, and if the defense had even gotten on the bus to play, the story would be different. The sheer stats alone probably saved Dak’s numbers from taking a larger dip than they would normally during the offseason, and Zeke likely will get the same benefit of the doubt. They showed they are ready for prime time, and I dont see many collectors who want to jump off a bridge after watching them, let alone jumping off the bandwagon.

The good news is that prices havent plunged overnight:

Dak Prescott Autographs

Ezekiel Elliott Autographs

For me, its all about watching this as a long term dive into value for these two, with Dak having the edge a bit as a QB over Zeke as a RB. The career life can be longer if good play is sustained, but lately, QBs move around a lot more now that the guaranteed money is so low. Lets hope Dak has a long career in Big D, and we wont need to revisit this.

The Bad

Even with a good performance, the Cowboys didnt make the Super Bowl. I have been hanging on to a few cards on the sheer off chance that they went all the way, but now that isnt going to happen. To be fair, Russell Wilson lost his first time in the playoffs too, and we all know what happened in year two. Collectors are not known for being patient, so there will be a dip in value regardless of what the smart play is. If you are a good investor, if prices drop more than a little, buying a good amount in the offseason is far from a bad idea. The chances that Dallas can replicate performance next year isnt that big of a stretch, and though the rest of the national buying public might move on, its not because they dont have potential long term to be champions.

The Indifferent

Right now, the NFL has re-opened the investigation into Ezekiel Elliot’s domestic assault case. Although I doubt it will go anywhere, I cant help but feel there is some bad stuff looming for him. It might not lead to a suspension, but he hasnt exactly shown he is squeaky clean since being drafted. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing, and the league will move on, but the fact that SOMETHING is out there, doesnt add to Zeke’s appeal. At least now, it doesnt detract either.

Bottom line, the dream is over for 2016, and we are now going to have to play the waiting game to see what investments the Cowboys make in the offseason. Its been a great year for buying wax thanks to these two, even though the actual products have been garbage for the most part. Hopefully it pays off more next year.

2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Super Bowl Ticket Hits Ebay

There has been no bigger product so far this year, and there will likely be only one or two products that have cards that will be worth more than the Contenders tickets that continue to dominate the landscape now that all the superior Topps products have been removed thanks to the exclusive.

The top cards in the product are the Super Bowl ticket 1/1 autos, which are absolutely impossible to valuate in a lot of ways. For the top two guys, one of them has been pulled and it just hit ebay.

2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Super Bowl Ticket Auto 1/1

Because there is no longer a Chrome Superfractor auto to eclipse this sale, this could end up as the top selling card of the year, unless the Treasures shield auto outsells it. This is likely an 8-10k card, and although its a redemption, it looks like Zeke has been signing his stuff as of late. Once the playoffs are over, that will likely continue.

Check out where the big two are landing outside of these:

2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Rookie Ticket Auto Cracked Ice /24

2016 Contenders Dak Prescott Ticket Auto

There arent many cards that I will write a whole post about, but this is definitely one of them. Panini’s trash product lines outside of Contenders have sold above expectations solely because of these two special rookies, and Panini should thank whatever devil they pray to that this class has the two Cowboys to float their garbage. Contenders having a good looking design this year really will set this stuff apart, as people will want one of the few good looking sets for their collection.

On the Radar: 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball

When I saw the subject of the email in my inbox that said that Topps was going to be doing Definitive Collection for baseball, I got quite excited over the possibilities of what it could be. 2015 Definitive Football was, without a doubt, the product of the year for 2015, much of what was Topps' last hurrah. To see that they have decided to port it over to baseball makes me extremely happy.

Here are some of the amazing cards from Football:

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Barry Sanders Auto

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Russell Wilson / Marshawn Lynch Dual Auto

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Jameis Winston Logo Patch Framed Auto 1/1

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Drew Brees Inscription Auto /10

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Aaron Rodgers / Peyton Manning Dual Auto BGS 9.5

Its sister product in football brought some incredible looking designs, great use of interesting embossing, and most importantly, a unique perspective on High End cards. Not only did Topps make the most of all the top production methods, but they made it look fucking amazing in the process. Its one thing to use great technology like they did in Black Gold football, its another when that attempt has relatively few good looking cards in the grand scheme. Definitive, with its use of silhouette die cuts and framed cards was seriously amazing.

They kept the design mostly the same with baseball, something Im definitely looking forward to. The frames are back, and if the checklist is as good as it was in football, I dont think there will be any question this set will be popular. Bottom line, Definitive came on in football a few years too late, as there is no opportunity to deliver a follow up product. With baseball, hopefully that changes.

The main issue is that the on card autos and top checklist isnt as much of a treat as it was in Football. With many of the football products, its rare to see on card multi signed cards or even on card HOF and vet players. When the product delivered some amazing names, with inscriptions and other treats, its quite a bit of a fun experience. Im not saying it wont be that in baseball as well, but Topps has done such a great job avoiding stickers, it might work to their disadvantage in a sport that they have rarely disappointed in delivering quality high end.

Either way, im very excited to see how this plays out, as its obvious that the Topps art team has no real competition in the hobby. If it can be executed in a way that was similar to Football, I think Topps will have a winner on their hands for years to come.

Check out the pics:

On Shelves Now: 2016 Contenders Football is Live!

The last two years of Contenders have been pretty good, and I think that ends up being the exception rather than the rule with ticket designs for a product that I feel gets more credit than it deserves. So much of the loyalty of this set comes from the inclusion of autographs from literally every possible rookie, and less about getting a good design down on paper. From early boxes, 2016 is one of the good years, much to my excitement.

Here are some of the big hits so far:

2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Ticket Auto RC

2016 Contenders Carson Wentz ROY Contenders Auto

2016 Contenders Jared Goff Auto Ticket RC

2016 Contenders Will Fuller Rookie Ticket Auto RC

2016 Contenders Tyreek Hill Horizontal Auto Variation

This year’s design hasnt been the best in the mockup phase, but I actually think it has grown on me considerably. The problem is that the rookie class is driving up prices on the boxes to the point where they almost arent affordable enough to bust.

I think Panini did a good enough job with this set that it will sell better than most likely expected even a few weeks ago. Despite the inclusion of more points in boxes (NO FUCKING CLUE WHY POINTS STILL EXIST), the rest of the set looks pretty standard for much of what Contenders is known for. The NFL draft autos look to be the only set that use those shitty posed photos, and the inclusion of Sepia and Horizontal variation is a good add.

If I am Panini, Contenders needs to be a focus in A) keeping it simple B) not using a horrid design and C) not driving new features down our throats. That being said, they are including digital redemption codes straight out of Topps’ playbook, which would be nice if their app werent fucking trash. I like that they are trying to add value there, but their digital presence is that of a monkey in a pen of gorillas.

Overall, this Contenders needed to just be enough to not be so off the wall that collectors would have tons of questions. Luckily Panini didnt fuck it up so badly that Zeke and Dak couldnt save it, so…good for them?

2016 Optic Football Rated Rookie Photos Are the Biggest Disappointment of the Year

I loved Topps Chrome when it was THE rookie card to own. Products that cost 1500 a box werent generating the type of value in their chase hits that we got from Superfractors, and its clear that everyone in the hobby was jealous of the technology as a method for producing cards. In fact, Panini was so enthralled by Topps’ dominance, that they created a rip off equivalent of each of the Chrome sets that Topps put out.


Optic is new this year, and the set had the right idea going in, creating a Chromed out version of the Donruss set that I liked a lot this year – save one specific aspect. The photos used on the rated rookie cards were tagged as the base for the product, and on card autos were used as the way to deliver the one auto per box. This is where the biggest fuck up of the year was made, as the ridiculous photos used in the Donruss set were not changed to reflect action shots or game shots.


As if I havent made myself abundantly clear this year, the use of these goofy ass photos just make me angry. It makes me angry because these could have been cool if action shots were used appropriately. Instead we are left with pictures of rookies flexing muscles or being handed footballs or awkwardly looking at the camera. Just writing this post has me as fired up as seeing Panini murder Spectra for the 3rd year in a row.


People often criticize my blog for hating on Panini with every fiber of my being. This is why I hate what they do. They dont make decisions that create good looking trading cards, and save a few surprisingly good sets, 2016 was as ugly of a clusterfuck as has existed since they took over Donruss just before 2009. I cannot stand the choices they make about so many different things, and seeing the disappointment over a potentially great on card chrome set just really drives that dagger home.

Panini will say they were trying to recreate the retro cards of the golden days of the NFL. I call bullshit. Im not even sure they understand why goofy posed photos were used back in those days. It wasnt because the card companies thought those types of photos looked good. Limited access to the players during the season, lack of a Rookie Premiere (the event created for card companies to avoid posed shots), cost of buying game shots, and lack of ability to show team logos were all a big reason why the companies had to go the direction they did.

Now that the Rookie Premiere exists for rookies to get action type photos before the preseason, the need to use this type of photography is no longer necessary. PERIOD. It doesnt create connection with the player, it doesnt highlight what football is all about, and it misses out on the dynamic pictures that have made the gridiron what it is today. Panini should be fucking ostracized for the use of these dumb pictures, and I cannot wait for a year to come where 2013 repeats itself. Dak and Zeke have made it easy for Panini to mail it in on card design, and collectors are more concerned with jumping on the Cowboy bandwagon, than examining the embarrassing display that Panini has put on this year.

Optic is not the ugliest set of the year, Panini owned the ugly side of things big time with Unparalled, Gala, Spectra, Phoenix and Infinty. Its the most disappointing because of the asinine decision on the way the Rated Rookies were done. I swear to god I will fight this fight as long as I have to. Enough of these fucking photos. I dont need to see Carson Wentz doing his best impression of Captain Morgan. I dont need to see Dak Prescott posing like he is checking himself out nude in the mirror. I want action. I want dynamic. I want REAL FUCKING GAME PHOTOS. Fuck Panini and their embarassing boner for showcasing rookies like fashion models. This is why they suck. This is why Optic is as disappointing as anything. It could have been so, so, so much more.