Panini Gets Down and Dirty in 2013 Playbook

Today, in Panini’s onslaught ad blitz of 2013 Playbook, we got an inside look at the making of the greatly anticipated “Down and Dirty” set that was previewed on the sell sheet. Banking on the fact that collectors are tired of normal jumbo swatches and have moved past normal relic content, Panini chose to create a set around some really dirty jerseys. Personally, I love the idea. In fact, it might actually be something that DOES add value to the cards, as unique relics due carry more value:

2012 Topps Museum Collection Starlin Castro Dual Dirty Relic Auto

2012 Panini Certified Matt Forte Dirty Patch Mirror Gold

2011 Panini Rookies and Stars Troy Polamalu Dirty Patch

2012 Topps Marquee Troy Tulowitski Titanic Threads Dirty Swatch

2012 Limited Brandon Marshall Jumbo Dirty Patch

2012 Topps Tribute Derek Jeter Dirty Patch Gold Parallel

The video is great. It walks through the process of creating a jersey card, which I find fascinating, and it also provides a unique perspective on just how filthy these jerseys really are. Anyone else curious how these cards will smell? From my experience at the National Convention – most unwashed game used jerseys wreak to fucking hell. Like awful smells you wouldnt imagine to be possible in clothing. Was there a mass febreeze session at Panini HQ? If not, these cards could be 4D smell-o-vision, which is pretty interesting to say the least.

I think the cards themselves look great, and it definitely serves them right to be created in booklet form. Down and Dirty was a set in the often laughed at Totally Certified set, but it wasnt anything like this. This is special stuff.

Ill definitely be chasing down quite a few singles from this set, and the Adrian Peterson card will be one of them. Im curious to find out what some of these cards end up looking like, as there are obviously some dank swatches that were used. I cant wait!

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