Panini Screws the Pooch with Bradford 1/1 Logo Replacement

In any given product release, the manufacturer holds back up to 2% of the print run for replacements due to collation errors or quality control problems. That 2% has to consist of both hits, unopened product and base, with some higher dollar cards to make sure that any damaged big hits can be replaced with equal value. I get that some people may be pissed with this practice, but I can see why it is a complete necessity.  However, there is no reason why one of those hits from the QC 2% should have been the BIGGEST FUCKING HIT IN THE ENTIRE PRODUCT.

On blowout, one of the collectors was displaying their haul from a recent run of Panini replacements due to elongated waits on redemptions, only to show something that made a lot of people angry. In his replacements for his unfufilled redemptions was the biggest card available in 2010 Certified Football. The Sam Bradford Mirror Black Quad NFL Logo Autograph was there, as plain as day, obviously one of the cards that Panini held back for the reason displayed above. Based on the fact that the biggest available autograph patch card in the whole print run was not available for a collector to obtain in packs, many of the commenters including myself, think something needs to be said by the company. Its one thing if a low numbered autograph or two has to be held back for safety, but to hold back this card is like taking away the main advertised content that EVERYONE is looking for without telling the customers. Its a terrible PR bomb for Panini, and the backlash is definitely going to be huge.

It may have been a mistake, but that doesnt matter in this case. It has to do with the fact that you cant make it up to the people who were already busted pack after pack, box after box. I think something needs to be done, but Im not sure if Panini has the balls to even admit they made a mistake. Companies usually have a “bury our heads in the sand and hope it blows over” approach, but I dont think that will fly in this case.

I absolutely hated a good portion of this product in general, as the foil and design were terrible in my eyes. However, that doesnt excuse the fact that Panini seems to have pulled one over on everyone. Since we have not received confirmation from the owner that this was IN FACT a replacement, and not a pack pulled card, I am leaving it in the hands of Panini to clear the air. Yet, if we do get more confirmation, they are going to have some ‘splaining to do.

Here is the picture from the thread, all of these were replacements including the Rose 1/1 logo:

38 thoughts on “Panini Screws the Pooch with Bradford 1/1 Logo Replacement

  1. If it is true that the Bradford was a replacement, than I believe that someone at Panini should be hung by their fingernails. How the HELL do they leave the best hit from the product out of the damn packs!

  2. This is quite an intersting situation for Panini. What will make it more interesting is if what i’m about to post is actually true…

    My buddy Eric is a massive case buster. He is BIG money, like to the point he has gotten free cases from Topps and UD for how much he busts. I havent seen it myself, but according to him he already has a Bradford 1/1 from Certified. I sent him a picture of the one shown above, and he says his has 2 NFL logos, a 3 color football (gold/black/brown) and a 3 color shoe piece.

    So, unless he’s just being a royal douche, Panini might have quite a bit of explaining to do. As soon as I get a picture of his, I’ll get it posted.

  3. @Joe from the D

    Whaaaaa? This could be interesting to say the least. You got till 5pm Wednesday to get us a scan. This could be a seriously epic online implosion.

    By the way, I have no way to keep you to a deadline. It just sounded good and authoritative.

    But seriously, don’t disappear. Give us an update asap.


  5. Apparently there is supposed to be an auto’d version and a non-auto’d version, both numbered 1/1. The one received as a replacement is definitely the auto’d one.

  6. One other thing forgotten in all this is that they also have to hold some product back because of the “no purchase necessary” aspect of collecting. You know that whole thing about how you can send in a SASE or whatever and receive cards. The whole law that they have to do this in order for it not to be “gambling” and fall under a different set of governing laws.

    I didn’t read the blowout forum post and don’t intend to, but what kind of unfulfilled redemptions did this guy have in order to get a Bradford 1/1, Rose 1/1, and a Tom Brady Auto…..that has to be some serious, serious valued redemptions.

  7. I just want to know what the hell this dude was getting replaced to get sent a Tom Brady, Derrick Rose and Sam Bradford auto…?

    Eh, either way, this looks to be getting interesting.

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  9. You have lost me as a customer for sure. I already didn’t like them before I heard this because they have screwed me on many replacements. I know I won’t be buying anymore Panini products again!! Screw you PANINI!!!

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  11. National Treasures is guilty of this as well, in 2009 I bought a case of National Treasures and I pulled a Michael Vick 1/1 NFL Logo Auto Patch, I was so excited that I sent it in to Beckett, not because I like Graded card but because I like the Brick that it comes in……anyhow I was looking on eBay and I couldn’t believe it but someone was selling the exact same card that I had I sent him a message and that person relpied that he pulled it from packs so my question ever since this was how can there be 2 1/1’s…

  12. I call Shenanigans. I think a cute comment by a huge ebay seller to cause a stir got out of control. It got too big to save face and had to let it run its course.
    My buddy swears this was pulled and has seen it on ebay or in a bucket..


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  14. last year i sold a 1of1 percy harvin logo shield from topps unique’s when i was viewing the checklist i noticed that there is actually 3 that are auto’d . Card company’s do put different variations of 1of1’s out . As the for the bradford 1of1 I have never heard of them making variations of there mirror black cards.

  15. Your a real piece of work.. Steal our story, and then don’t post my comment when I call you out on it.
    Dont worry this will come back to bite you in the ass.

  16. What the hell are you talking about? This was straight off the front page of all four of Blowout’s forums. I dont read your site, sorry.

  17. You think you are the only one that new about this. The guy that received the card posted it on blowout. Nobody stole anything from you.

  18. Stolen story? I lol’ed

    I claim EVERY story based on 5 star, don’t you even think of writing anything else about it.

  19. This is one of the many reasons I don’t collect cards anymore regardless if its true or not. The problem is it will never stop because people keep buying the products.

  20. Bwahaaahhaa! Who the hell is ‘Jay’? That was a pretty solid FAIL, all around! Welcome to the 1990’s where the interwebz allow transmission of information faster than you can claim sombody stole your story! That thread’s been going on Blowout since yesterday.

  21. Holy Hitler I question the truth of the whole sending an SASE to get free cards thing. I’ve sent those types of requests in before and I havent gotten a single thing.

    It seems like there is a lot of talk as to seeing this card but I’d really like to see some proof, where are the pics? I think we can all agree that this is just another nail in the coffin of so called 1/1.

  22. Jay who the hell is that guy lol.

    It was all over blowout. Look at how jealous he is.
    I stand by it was pulled.


  23. The fact that he/she won’t reveal what was replaced tells alot to me. I’m missing what the big deal is as far as what it was. There’s alot more that isn’t being told and I’m sure there’s a pretty big reason why

  24. Whatever Gellman, you stole your sons name from the old testament without a h/t. So Jay’s story is totally plausible.

  25. That dude on BO Must be lying, I could tell from the moment he responded about being as what was replaced

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  28. I definitely think there is a part of the story that is being left out. I don’t know what it is exactly but there is something that doesn’t add up in this whole thing. I don’t even collect football, but there is no way that he posted this and didn’t expect people to start questioning thing. While I don’t believe he is obligated to show what the redemptions he was waiting on were, I certainly think it makes it look like he has something to hide by being so secretive about it.

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  30. It does seem logical that the one sent as a replacement redemption was intended as a direct replacement of one that presumably got packed out in case it got damaged. It seems implausible that they’d make a 1/1 like this for the unlikely event of a SASE random request pull-it-out-of-a-hat kind of thing.

    So, maybe Panini should just re-mark them as “2/1”, and that might solve the whole thing.

    I’ve always been doubtful of the process of how big hit cards like this get packed out. I have an undoubted incorrect picture of my head of this massive factory packing process churning out packs, and then out of some little hopper, a “hit” gets dropped in at some regular (or random) interval to get wrapped with the masses of now-filler base cards.

    How does a 1/1 get inserted into packs? And when they do that, how does the manufacturer *not* know what box it went into, and who purchases that case / box from them out the door?

    I’m no conspiracist, but I have a hard time believing that we’re supposed to assume that hits get mixed in with normal base cards at pack-out in a cloud of activity like some kind of Underpants Gnome graphic.

  31. Where has the thread from blowoutcards gone?????????????????????????????

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