Panini’s Big Seattle Risk Pays Off In Spades

Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks seem to be perfectly comfortable playing the villains in the upcoming Super Bowl. Although a lot of the criticism may be quite a bit harsher than deserved, its clear that the Broncos are coming in as the team easiest to cheer for. That doesnt change the fact that people still can root as much for bad guy in some cases as they do for the hero. In fact, it might be more value than they could have ever anticipated. Panini, rightfully so, has decided to take advantage of this coming up.

Thanks to some risks that have paid off, they are really in a good position coming into this weekend. Here are some of the only cards for the Seattle Defense:

2013 Playoff Contenders Buyback Richard Sherman Auto RC – Insane price on this

2013 Panini Black Richard Sherman Auto

2012 National Treasures Kam Chancellor Jumbo Patch Pro Bowl Auto

2005 Press Pass Brandon Browner Auto RC – Suspension doesnt look to have killed his value.

2010 Topps Five Star Earl Thomas Auto RC

Today Panini released the first images of the cards they will be including for Sherman and the rest of the Legion of Boom in 2013 National Treasures. These cards will likely include the first game used swatches ever produced of the players who make up the meat of this epic defense. I am going to give them a slow clap, because this could end up being some of the biggest relics we have seen in football in quite some time. In addition, the cards look fucking incredible.

If you werent aware, guys like Kam Chancellor, Sherman and company have all started off as relative nobodies, not even getting a rookie auto in the Contenders release of those years. To see they will get the prime billing only shows how important they have become to the hobby landscape over the last 8 weeks. Brandon Browner will likely be done as a Seahawk thanks to a PED suspension, but he is still valuable for some reason.

panini-america-richard-sherman-gamer-12th-man (1)panini-america-richard-sherman-gamer-legion-of-boom

This isnt the only example of Panini taking a calculated risk that has paid off huge. Back in 2011, they catapulted Charles Woodson of the Packers into the value stratosphere by inking his first auto cards since his rookie year.

2011 National Treasures Charles Woodson Auto Super Bowl

2012 National Treasures Charles Woodson Virtuoso Auto

Defense usually doesnt sell, but this is where the villainous nature of these players pays off in spades. Because there has never really been personality on this side of the ball for the last few years, its understandable why Seattle’s Super Bowl may turn the tides.

2 thoughts on “Panini’s Big Seattle Risk Pays Off In Spades

  1. OMG the price on that Sherman. Someone is going to be looking at a case of buyers regret.

  2. Are those Sherman Contenders Autographed cards certified by Panini? There seems to be too many variations on its authenticity, most of which are listed on Ebay right now.

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