Peterson Viking Head Number Four Now Up

I sincerely hope that people arent THIS stupid to bid on a card like the Viking Head Logo that was just posted on eBay. This is actually number four that has been listed, the third of the fakes. It could also be the worst ever posted, as you can see the colors, stitching, and material dont match any authentic jersey ever worn.

Of course, this one is so fucking bad, that Im not actually going to feel bad for the person who buys it. Now, the card still is a Peterson exquisite, so its worth something, but it shouldnt go for anywhere near the 21oo the last horrid fake went for. Considering that the people who buy on eBay are some of the dumbest people in the history of the world, I will not be surprised if this one ends in similar fashion.
Be sure to check out the other posts I have done on the Peterson fakes, including the Tuff Stuff article as well. Upper Deck better get on this shit before someone else burns a whole car worth of cash for clunkers money on a fake.
EDIT: Here is the counter auction, exposing him. H/t Kickstand.

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