Playoff Baseball is in the Air Around the Hobby

As we wind down on the first round of playoff baseball, its becoming obvious as to who has come to October with their “A” game in tow. As we all know, playoff success and heroism that comes with it, carries extreme value. The national broadcasts help to bring on casual collectors and sell cards in ways that normal success during the regular season wouldnt normally generate.

Guys like Buster Posey, Coco Crisp and Raul Ibanez saw life in their cards that hasnt been seen for a long time, and as the playoffs progress, the value attached to big moments will intensify. Posey has especially gotten a ton of attention thanks to his hot streak coming off the final days of the season, and a clutch grand slam today made him even more collectable than he already was.

Check out some of these recent sales since the end of today’s game:

2008 Bowman Chrome Buster Posey RC Auto X-fractor

2008 Bowman Chrome Buster Posey RC Auto BGS 9.5 – for a base auto, this is a big price.

2008 Bowman Chrome Buster Posey RC Auto Refractor BGS 9 – Another big price.

I remember how guys like Allen Craig and David Freese became overnight hobby sensations last year for the Cardinals, and this year, have gone back to their normal niche among Cardinals collectors. Freese hasnt gone into obscurity by any means, but he isnt at the crazy prices he was at after game six. I mean, that’s just the most recent example. We all can remember Aaron Boone and even more successful players like Curt Schilling back during their incredible runs in the playoffs.

No doubt about it, this is not a phenomenon limited to baseball, nor do I think its a bad thing. For a guy like Buster Posey, who is on his way to being the next great MLB catcher, its one thing. Coco Crisp on the other hand – dont go blow any money. Same goes for a guy like Raul Ibanez. I think that goes without saying, but you never know.

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