Press Pass Hype Has Reached A Level Of Absurdity

So, I was doing my usual eBay digging that I do when I get bored, and I stumbled across two separate phenomena that I deem absolutely fucking ridonkulous. 

#1 – Matthew Stafford Press Poop autos are going for in upwards of 100 dollars. Are you fucking kidding me? First off, Stafford wont even be worth a purchase until 2011, and even then he will still probably be on the Lions. Secondly, if you look at past trends, Matt Ryan Press Poop autos from 2008 are holding steady at 45 and below, unless low numbered. Adrian Peterson Press Poop autos from 2007 are below what stafford is going for. What the fuck people? This is fucking nuts. Do your fucking homework and stop making “im sad about no football” purchases. Hell, UD draft comes out in a few weeks, calm the fuck down.
#2 – Knowshon Moreno Press Poop Autos are cracking $50 on a regular basis. Holy fucking fuck, I dont even know what to say. Its pre draft and there is no guarantee the guy will even be drafted in the top 20, and you are paying 50 fucking dollars? Are you mental? Jesus. Go buy yourself an auto’ed mini helmet and have something nice until the real stuff comes out, or have a little patience. 
My name is Adam and I think Press Pass is a waste of space. 

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