PSA Continues to Fall On Their Face With Graded Auto Cards

I have put PSA on blast before due to their blatant disregard for obviously fake autos when grading cards. Because of their stupid policy of only grading the card, instead of the card AND the auto, its easy to slip fakes past this “authority” on autographs. This is probably one of the more comical examples of PSA just refusing to identify a card as altered when it is obviously signed with a different pen and a different signature.

2005 Contenders Aaron Rodgers Ticket Auto PSA 10

Personally, this is what I think happened:

The card was packed pulled with an autograph, but the autograph was not well signed, as some of them are not. Rather than take a hit on the price, the autograph was removed with nail polish remover and resigned by the scammer. It was re-autographed by some scammer and submitted to PSA with a “card only grade.” It was then authenticated as a 10 because it is a real card.

The auto is as fake as ever.

I am not saying the seller of the card was the one responsible, but someone is.

NEVER trust PSA if you have any question about a card with a fake signature.

19 thoughts on “PSA Continues to Fall On Their Face With Graded Auto Cards

  1. yup why grading sucks complete ass. All you have to do is see the newest topic on fcb and realize when choosing you are just picking the lesser of 2 evils in ones mind


  2. This might have been the case in the past, but I doubt PSA is that lax anymore. I sent in a 2001 Fleer Legacy Albert Pujols rookie auto to be graded last summer and they returned it ungraded and gave me a voucher for another grading. That card is known for having fake Pujols autos and the one I sent in was obviously fake as they rejected it.

  3. As the orginal buyer of this card back in 2008 and the seller of this card in 2012 I can assure you nothing was done to this arron rodgers card. I like the fact on your site you can give your opinion. That is why america is so great because people can just randomly give an opinion with no supporting facts. This card was graded by PSA when Arron Rodgers was a back up QB and had no value. The value of this card when graded was just above that of a common card. So to think someone would alter the auto of a card that had no value makes no sense. Look at the PSA site and see what date this card was graded. I sold it for $2700. That is a fact. When I purchased the card for $200 years ago it had already been long graded. I do realize you are not acusing me of doing anything wrong and I of course did nothing wrong. My problem with you giving your arrogant opinion is that you have no supporting facts. Other things come into play on autos. Do you think he signed 520 the same way? I looked at 30 contenders pics today of the same card and found 30 different signatures. I have heard some players get relatives to sign because they have thousands to sign. I dont know if it is true and I do not care. I can assure you of one thing, this card was graded by PSA as a GEM MINT 10 prior to the card having any significant value. Look at all the other cards I have sold and am selling. It is your own advice on your web site. I sell nothing but real cards with real autos. Never sold a fake and never will. God bless, good luck and take care.

  4. His assessment is not correct. However everyone has the right to have an opinion. As Americans it is our right to have an opinion. Lets see if he post a follow up to the article when the facts come in. Most people are quick to throw someone under the buss but when they find out they were wrong you rarely see them come out and admit they were wrong.

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  6. Thanks for the response, Ill stand by my assessment.

    Pen thickness compared to other examples of the exact same card, autograph start and stop points, and slant of signature are all off. Those things rarely change.

  7. I will see if you stand by your opinion in 5 days when the card comes back from PSA. Lets see how happy the buyer of this card is with you after he spent $150 yesterday because of your article. I looked at many of these over the last two days and have seen a lot of them with different starting points, different pen thickness and of course none of them were fake. How many of the Aaron Rodgers contenders have come back as fake or altered? Lets say zero. I am guessing you have proven to your readers that your word is of some inportance. I can assure you someone just waisted $150 to get a card rechecked with PSA based on your slanderous message board. Good job.
    Take care and I will post a copy of the PSA letter here on your site when the buyer of the card sends me the results next week.

  8. If the AUTOGRAPH is graded as authentic – not the card – ill post a retraction.

    Not sure why it cost 150 bucks. That is way off of what I have ever seen paid for autograph authentication.

  9. I did buy the card already graded but aaron rodgers was not a starter yet and I cant imagine someone had the card graded with PSA back then with a fake auto. Why would someone fake an auto on a card that had very very little value back when graded? Also lets say the person who got the card out of a pack didnt like the auto, why alter it since psa grades the card? There are so many unasnwered questions that it makes no sense back in that time period why someone would alter the auto.
    I have a question for you. Lets say you buy a PSA 10 of a rc card who is a back up player off ebay and he gets hot and his cards go up. You got it for $20 then sold it a year later for $200 then the buyer sold it a year later for $1000 then another year later the buyer sold it for $2000. Then the owner of the card sends it to PSA to check the auto out. PSA says the auto is fake, Who then is responable to give the guy his money back? There is a long chain of owners at this point in time. Just like the card I got back in 2008. I buy the card off ebay for $200 then I put it into my save for a few years and sell it for $2700. I didnt do anything wrong. PSA should be on the hook if something turns out wrong. PSA has the name and address on file of who had the card graded. Not me as I got it graded. Seems like a big problem here. I am going to contact PSA and ask my own questions because your article has people saying I am a cheat and fraud when I got the card on ebay years ago for $200 and had nothing to do with the grading, the auto or anything else. You have started a storm of people thinking I am wrong when I have been a legit seller for a decade on here. Dont really know the answers but hopefully PSA will have the answers. The fact the card is getting checked out now at PSA is great. However I dont have anything to do with fake autos and graded cards. People are dogging my write up for the card and everything. Well sounds like no one has the facts. Hopefully this helps. I purchased a graded card years ago already graded and sold it years late. Look at PSA log books and see who graded it if you want to know if something is wrong with the card. Dont go and blame someone for something you know nothing about. This is my message to your readers.
    Take care.

  10. Hello,
    I just wanted to say the guy who paid $2700 for my AARON RODGERS CARD got his certified letter from psa and his card back. It was certified 100% authentic.
    So not only is your opinion worthless and you started a ton of people saying my items were fake and altered and so on and on. I only wanted to come back and let you know and your readers know how stupid your opinon was in this case. First you made a guy get something re=checked from PSA that cost him big dollars for no reason. Do you really think PSA is going to grade the card a gem mint with a fake auto? I will be looking for your retraction. Below is the message I got back from the buyer. As you can see the buyer is pleased and is happy he spent the extra money so he can be sure in the future. Your article was a JOKE….NOT THE CARD, NOT THE AUTO BUT YOUR ARTICLE. I am obviously holding back as to what I would really like to call you and tell you because unlike you I have some class. You are a joke and so is this link you have set up……

    Dear 6hogbackgrowler9,Got the full LOA — looks good. Thanks.- hday411211

  11. Sorry, I’m not goiNg to just take your word for it. I want a cert number and proof. Not only that, but I got an email from a forensic document examiner that said the assessment was correct in this article. He said not to take anyone’s word on this, as he said the autograph is not consistent with any other example. Get me the cert number and I’ll start my own investigation if I have to. I also called PSA and it would only cost 20 bucks to get it looked at. 150 bucks is not correct.

  12. I can say that I don’t know anything as a professonal document examiner but I do know that in an autograpgh there are keys to look for.

    The easiest way one would think is to compare this card to other identical cards sign at the same time and compare the autographs. Not evaulate past owners or discuss past selling prices but to simply compare apples to apples.

    With that being said every other autograph on this card that I see on eBay looks completely different. The “A” is way off on this card, note the way in which all other”A”s have the loop through the left side. The other part that is way off is the “R”. All the other “R”s have a swooping loop on the left hand portion of the “R” but not this one.

    With that being said having too many reg flags for me I would never buy it and I would suspect that it isn’t authentic. Now if you are claiming that this is authentic why not just show the proof from PSA and force SCU to post a correction. If $150 was spent get your money’s worth and embarass Gellman. The least you could do is prove him wrong that $20 wasn’t the correct price as he claims.

  13. This guy who is trolling this post is the seller, not the buyer.

    Regardless, I dont expect PSA to say that the card is fake, because it isnt. The autograph sticker isnt fake either. Its the fact that the original autograph was wiped off, and resigned in a different pen thickness, and the autograph elements you mentioned above arent even close.

    I also dont expect PSA to say the autograph is fake, because, what would that say about them? Companies are not likely to ever say they made a mistake. I just know, I have gotten 18 emails in the last few weeks and all of them agree with the assessment I posted. On the blowout board, Freethrowtommy has the best Aaron Rodgers collection I have ever seen, something like 60 autographs or something crazy like that. Even he thinks the autograph looks bad, and I trust his knowledge.

    People have often said that I dont know what I am talking about, but I know what to look for, and I dont trust anyone but myself. There is no reason to. This hobby is filled with people looking to make money off people who dont know any better, and I find that disgusting. I never said THIS seller was the one that faked the auto, but someone did, in my opinion.

  14. Here are the 4 messages I got from the buyer of the card. I will share them with you and your readers. Then you can do what ever you want. I am going to share with you and your readers the 4 messages I got from the buyer:
    Dear 6hogbackgrowler9,Hi – just want to let you know that I have been getting a lot of e-mails that says the autograph on this card is no authentic. I am sending it to PSA/DNA to get the autograph authenticated. If the auto comes back as fake then I will have to file for a chargeback or you should give me a refund.Thanks,Johnny
    Here is an article written about the card that I bought: – I hope the auto is real and PSA/DNA will know for sure but this article is making me nervous.Thanks,Johnny
    Hey – thanks for the note. I just spent $150 to have PSA/DNA take a look at it and issue me a COA for the auto. They said they will get me a letter in 5 days. I doubt they will tell me that a card they graded PSA 10 has a fake auto but you never know so I’m just trying to be safe than sorry. Also – I’m not trying to get my money back — chk my feedback and see what cards I am buying. I have bought much more expensive cards in the last 30 days than this one — brady contenders championship ticket BGS 8.5, Kobe Chrome Refractor psa10, Tiger Woods Evolution auto rookie PSA 10, etc. I’m a collector and not looking to resell — I just want to make sure what I paid for is legit. Even if I overpaid, I don’t really care that much as long as everything is real and authentic. Will give you the good news once I hear back from PSA/DNA.Regards,Johnny
    Dear 6hogbackgrowler9,Got the full LOA — looks good. Thanks.- hday411211

    Here is the four messages in my ebay account unedited. Now do your investigation. The buyer is some dude in California that I do not know. I have included his ebay ID….Feel free to have him scan and email you the certificate. Also feel free to ask him why it cost so much to send in a card and have a certificate back in 5 days. However my investigation is done. The buyer has emailed me his results. So I do not need to wait for the investigators to look into it as I have my answer. I would love for you to post the certificate on your web site. …Well there is the possibility that the buyer just lied to me and told me it was $150 bucks to get it certified and the buyer could have lied to me also that it came back certified. Now if the buyer made this story up feel free to investigate that…..You have all you need now detective……To me the case is closed as I have a final message from the buyer saying he is happy and the card is real…..

  15. As I guessed you would shy away from this and not stand behind your stupid comments about the auto being fake. You were basically flapping your gums with hot air coming out. Amazing how you say something is fake and the buyer goes and gets it certified because of your comments. The buyer has a certificate now from PSA and is very happy with his purchase. To me this is all that matters. However I was never in doubt of the card I purchased and sold. What was amazing was hearing you bash PSA with your artilce and then having to eat your words. Sounds like you may need to get a new team of experts to look at your autos.
    Good luck to you and keep making up FICTICIOUS story lines to put on your web site. Do I think this made you look like a Donkey? Absalutely.
    SPORTS CARDS UNCENSORED-Continues to Fall On Their Face With Graded Auto Cards.

  16. PSA sucks!!! Terrible service, always late on submissions, and charges for cards they decide not to grade by giving bull shit reasons why the card isnt worthy of being graded; and giving no detailed info as to why they felt like taking money without giving a grade. Fuck you PSA!

  17. I got a blog on Pokemon cards and some things where I link to other articles regarding PSA, and I think PSA is responsible for a little more than just grading fake autos. I think they actually grade fake cards, only the more well made fakes though. Based off some cards I have seen, I am not even sure PSA is even legit anymore, either what I been seeing (pokemon) is fake cards in PSA holders, of PSA is not even giving correct grades anymore, I am talking Grades of 9 and 10 on cards that you can tell from the get go is probably a 7 or 8. Here it is:

  18. PSA ?? I submitted a 1969 ticket that was graded at 3 by PSA

    The slab got a hairline crack, so I removed the ticket, sent it back to PSA & got it returned with a grade of 9 WTF?

    But Thanks PSA!

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