PSA Continues To Grade Fake 2007 Rookie Premiere Autos

If you are not already aware as to how many fake rookie premiere autographs from all years before 2010, this is your wake up call. Its gotten so bad on these cards that the real ones have dropped significantly in value. If you have an Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson or Marshawn Lynch from 2007, chances are its not real. I have been studying these cards frequently over the last 5 years, and I can say that even the grading companies cannot tell the difference anymore. Luckily, I know the patterns to recognize the fakes, and I want the grading companies to ALL stop authenticating these fake autographs. BGS has already stopped, but others are continuing.

Here is recent example from the worst offender, PSA:

2007 Fake Adrian Peterson Rookie Premiere PSA 10

Because the submission to grade autographs is more money, a scammer can authenticate a card without passing the signature. Basically, because the card is real, but the auto is fake, these ass hats get a pass. It’s a loophole that gives precedent to fake autographs, and I think PSA definitely needs to clean up their act. The egg is already on their face.

As collectors continue to buy these cards, the scammers continue to have traction with the people involved. In fact, the person responsible for faking the majority of these cards has also started to create cards with fake stickers. Because he has gotten so good at passing off Peterson’s signature, there is little that a normal collector can do to protect themselves other than ask for opinions and to see the backs of the cards for autograph wording.

Protect yourself by doing the right thing and knowing to ask for help when available.

6 thoughts on “PSA Continues To Grade Fake 2007 Rookie Premiere Autos

  1. The cards came blank with the certified auto language on them. Topps tried to destroy the blanks after the 2007 rookie premiere, but they fell into the hands of notorious faker Kevin Burge. These douchebags signed the autographs on them, and then flooded the market.

  2. PSA will grade/authenticate anything for money….probably the only person in the hobby viewed more negatively than Richard McWilliam (the CEO of Upper Deck) is Joe Orlando (the CEO of PSA).

  3. And, I believe that unless it is PSA/DNA, the grade is for the card only and does not include any autograph authentication/grading at all. I imagine all the forgers know this and grade them through PSA for that reason. Not that it makes PSA look any better, but I bet that would be their out legal wise…

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