On the Radar: 2017 Panini Spectra Football

Spectra is the worst looking and the most horribly priced product that is available in football right now. In 2013, when it first came out, it wasnt bad, offering on card autos on a Chrome like stock similar to Bowman Sterling. In 2014, the design went to shit by a margin usually reserved for botched face lifts. At that point, I thought, “Well fuck, this has to be as bad as its going to get.”

I was so, so wrong:

2016 Spectra Dak Prescott / Ezekiel Elliott Neon Blue Dual Auto Patch

2015 Spectra Buck Allen / Nelson Agholor Neon Pink Dual Patch Auto

2015 Spectra Jameis Winston Neon Orange Auto Patch

2016 Spectra Braxton Miller Neon Green Auto Patch

In 2015 we got our first taste of a shitty design, combined with fluorescent paint pens I would normally reserve for people that like to bedazzle their backpacks. 2016 was basically a sequel to the first, and I continued to be shocked that Panini continued to trot out such a deaf product for a hobby that was hungry for affordable options in the market. Panini didnt need more high end in football, there were already going to be 29-30 other products that were going to serve that purpose.

Alas, here we are again. Spectra is back for another year, and I feel like this is starting to be exactly what Triple Threads means in Baseball. So many people hate the shit out of it, but it almost doesnt matter. You have all those people who love shiny things, even if they look like fucking garbage, and Spectra is for all those people. When I picture the type of person that gravitates towards this, I think of the people who freak out over any autographs when narrating a group break. Its fine if you are one of those people, its good that type of passion exists, Im just not going to see eye to eye with you.

I want cards that serve a purpose other than a bright orange marker on a sticker applied to a neon orange background of a poorly designed football card. This is another year when a super premium product doesnt need to be on card, and I find that completely out of touch. If you are going to make something like this special, it should be treated as such. Not just another set whose only redeeming factor is that it costs a shit ton of money. Invoking contrived scarcity also doesnt help when there are 25 parallels of each card. None of what Spectra has become sits well with me, and it seems like everything gets worse by the year.

Now, we havent even had the chance to digest that they took the dual auto relics, and used those ridiculously goofy portrait style shots instead of action shots. These cards were already the worst looking part of the worst looking set, but some how that wasnt enough for Panini. Gaze upon the shitty design and wretch along with me. That’s some disgusting trash right there.

The rest of the stuff really doesnt look all that bad. I kind of like some of the updates they made to some of these cards. I just get worried that Im due for a neon blue version where I have to wear sunglasses just to look at that card. That’s how Panini does this dumpster fire. Its all about garish colors on a garish design.

Panini, we deserve better than this, and the terrible thing is, I dont think you guys care in the slightest. Some day, you will realize the opportunity you fed to the wolves. At least I hope that’s what will happen.

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