On the Radar: 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball

When I saw the subject of the email in my inbox that said that Topps was going to be doing Definitive Collection for baseball, I got quite excited over the possibilities of what it could be. 2015 Definitive Football was, without a doubt, the product of the year for 2015, much of what was Topps' last hurrah. To see that they have decided to port it over to baseball makes me extremely happy.

Here are some of the amazing cards from Football:

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Barry Sanders Auto

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Russell Wilson / Marshawn Lynch Dual Auto

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Jameis Winston Logo Patch Framed Auto 1/1

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Drew Brees Inscription Auto /10

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Aaron Rodgers / Peyton Manning Dual Auto BGS 9.5

Its sister product in football brought some incredible looking designs, great use of interesting embossing, and most importantly, a unique perspective on High End cards. Not only did Topps make the most of all the top production methods, but they made it look fucking amazing in the process. Its one thing to use great technology like they did in Black Gold football, its another when that attempt has relatively few good looking cards in the grand scheme. Definitive, with its use of silhouette die cuts and framed cards was seriously amazing.

They kept the design mostly the same with baseball, something Im definitely looking forward to. The frames are back, and if the checklist is as good as it was in football, I dont think there will be any question this set will be popular. Bottom line, Definitive came on in football a few years too late, as there is no opportunity to deliver a follow up product. With baseball, hopefully that changes.

The main issue is that the on card autos and top checklist isnt as much of a treat as it was in Football. With many of the football products, its rare to see on card multi signed cards or even on card HOF and vet players. When the product delivered some amazing names, with inscriptions and other treats, its quite a bit of a fun experience. Im not saying it wont be that in baseball as well, but Topps has done such a great job avoiding stickers, it might work to their disadvantage in a sport that they have rarely disappointed in delivering quality high end.

Either way, im very excited to see how this plays out, as its obvious that the Topps art team has no real competition in the hobby. If it can be executed in a way that was similar to Football, I think Topps will have a winner on their hands for years to come.

Check out the pics:

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