On the Radar: 2017 Topps Inception Baseball

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that Inception is one of my favorite sets. Not only does it combine some cool HDR filter type images, but a lot of on card autographs and an easy to digest configuration. Since its first run in Football back in 2011, it has expanded into prospect baseball, and now for 2017 it is switching to a traditional product. We had some veteran presence last year, but it was still dominated by players who would still be considered prospects. This year could be different now that it has been retitled “Topps Inception” instead of Bowman.

Here are some of my favorites from previous years:

2014 Bowman Inception Kris Bryant Auto Green RC 25/25

2015 Bowman Inception Mike Trout Silver Signings Origins Auto /5

2016 Bowman Inception Bryce Harper Flashback RC Auto BGS 10

2016 Bowman Inception Kyle Schwarber Silver Signings Origins Auto

2014 Bowman Inception Byron Buxton Inscription Auto RC

For a lot of us, this is long overdue, as we have seen some great looking cards in Bowman Inception, but with prospects being so Chrome focused, its hard to see long term value in the format. Now that it has become a professional level set, it adds a level of collectability that hasnt been there for the veteran side of the product.

We are still getting a traditional Inception look, with on card autographs, booklets, and new silhouette type auto relics, which look absolutely fucking amazing. We also seemingly are getting a checklist of players that looks to combine some of the top rookies with autograph subjects from the normal list.

I absolutely love the look of this set, and though it still rings clearly with the original football set, the addition of some of the new subsets continue to make me want to dive in headfirst. The issue in baseball and football previously has been the box break, where it becomes extremely hit and miss. One pack products always have that element baked in, and with prospects and NFL rookies that was double. With a bit more of a robust checklist coming, hopefully the dud factor will be reduced significantly.

Topps has always done a good job providing top quality cards at more reasonable prices, and Inception has been the flagship example of that. They have had a growing commitment to providing on card autographs in products that cost 100 and less, something that Panini has failed miserably at providing. Resetting expectations that on card is the rule and not the exception is a welcome step forward, and I hope it continues to be profitable enough to continue.

Cant wait to see what is coming with this, definitely in for a few boxes.

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