Rare Air: The Michael Jordan High End Debate

I love perusing the completed eBay auctions by highest price to see some of the ridiculous sales that do and do not take place. Over the last few months, Michael Jordan has become a frequent repeat offender of the highest completed sales, mainly in regards to rare jerseys, autographs, and inserts from the late 1990s. When I saw the most recent sale pop up, a gold embossed refractor graded BGS 9.5, I was literally shocked at the price.

Check out the ridiculous auction here.

Then, I started to read about some of the questions surrounding sales like these, mainly interested by the accusations that a small group of Michael Jordan collectors incestuously sell cards among themselves with the hope to increase the value of their own collections. Although there is nothing concrete, some of the evidence is piling up to show there is more than meets the eye. In fact, since the sale mentioned above, two other gold embossed refractors have popped up on eBay, one being sold by the accused party:

1997-98 Michael Jordan Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74 BGS 9.5

1997-98 Michael Jordan Finest Gold Embossed Refractor /74 BGS 9

What I don’t think people understand is how few people actually know about where to even research a purchase as large as these are turning out to be. Obviously, if there is someone willing to pay the price of a Honda Accord for a Jordan card, they probably have money to burn. Regardless, to manipulate the market is unfair to everyone, as we all know that eBay completed auctions are gospel to many people out there. Its very difficult to ignore the fact that the same card that sold above went unsold at a much lower price a few weeks prior, and originally sold even further below that. Are we really to expect that the value of the card, for a player who’s accomplishments and life status will not change week to week, fluctuates at 150%? Even I am skeptical of that type of dynamic change.

According to the seller, the sale has already been completed, which begs the question of whether or not the sale was done solely to help one of the other gold embossed refractors along in its sale. In fact, there are further accusations that a ton of the more recent Jordan rare insert sales have gone this same direction. I am becoming more and more skeptical by the day, however, the guy who paid 20K for the Strasburg Superfractor was not a diehard collector in the slightest, so there is always a chance. We all know this has to happen all the time, and I am not surprised that it is happening with cards like this. I AM surprised that it isnt with more cards that dont cost as much as this one did. Only further evidence in sales will show the true nature of these transactions.

Here is the link to the discussion on Blowout.

10 thoughts on “Rare Air: The Michael Jordan High End Debate

  1. Maybe one of the ugliest insert cards I’ve seen. I can’t believe people would actually drop over $50 for that card, let alone $18,500. You could buy so many nicer cards with that amount of money. Hell, you could buy a PSA 10 Fleer Jordan rookie and have plenty left over.

  2. “The Worlds Most trusted source in collecting”. I think I know where this leads. It has their smell on it.

  3. Sorry, but it is a legitimate sale. It may be hard for you to understand, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake in any way. The buyer direly wanted the card and was willing to pay over $18k for me to part with it. He hit the BIN button and paid for it in full. I posted much evidence and proof on the forum with screen shots of Paypal payment being received and trasnferred. Shipping information will also be available to the skeptics. I understand high sales can cause lots of interest, but it’s quite sad to make a TRUE HONEST sale into some sort of scam or manipulation. It’s completely false. The person who bought it is in Indiana with 100% feedback. I am in California. It’s not that hard to believe. People are out there with money to spend and if they want the item as bad as they do, they will pay.

  4. Congrats on finding that special sucker out there to buy your card for $18,500.

  5. I know that Jun guy is running a shady network of michael jordan insert cards. just search his user name and you can find a website of his. I mean, 18k for a insert card??, which doesn’t have signature, no jersey patch, no ball patch,etc. there is no history, none of that in that card…

    regardless of legitimacy, that card don’t worth that much period.
    think about it, would you rather have a brand new 2012 black honda accord or a plane insert jordan card lol.

    it wasn’t even close in my book.

    such fraud.

  6. There is no shady business going on. It’s sad and frustrating to see so much hate and jealousy from the people who have it out against all high end Jordan/Kobe/Exquisite collectors/sellers. People who have nothing better to do than to try and make up a conspiracy so they can dump it on someone or a group.

    Again, I have full evidence of every sale I have made. Over 550 positive feedbacks on eBay with a 100% Positive rate, Power Seller, Top Rated Seller status, and tons of people who can vouch for me. Every sale I have done is trackable under my feedback history that shows WHO it was sold to and for HOW much. It’s an open book. There are 3-4 people who keep desperately trying to make me look like a bad person, but it’s all false accusation stemmed from jealousy and hate. Mainly, a guy named Giovanni, aka as SportsItUpCards on Blowout Cards forum. He has a strong track record of getting banned from multiple card forums, scam/fraud, double ID, legal actions taken against him for online threats, etc. The list goes on. He has the most complaints from tons of members on forums. Everyone will agree and tell you he is crazy and has mental problems. Be careful of this guy because he will make you go crazy with his nonsense talk and low brain IQ remarks.

    I have NO doubt the above response was either from Giovanni or one of his buddies. Anyways, the TRUTH always prevails so it is what it is.

    BTW, yes that card is worth a LOT. It is one of the most sought after High End Jordan cards of ALL time. Several high end collectors were willing to spend over $16k. While this card will appreciate with more and more time… have fun with the 2012 Honda Accord as it depreciates faster than anything.

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  10. I have the rare insert in this discussion, a 97-98Topps Finest Gold Embossed Refractor numbered to 74. I would love to sell this card to the right buyer if anyone has LEGITIMATE interest. Mine has been Beckett Graded at 9.5.


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