Retail 2013 Topps Archives Football is LIVE!

When 2012 Topps Archives baseball was announced early last year, I was intrigued. When it came out and we saw what it was all about, I was enthralled. Now that its sister product in 2013 Topps Archives Football is out, I cant wait to see if it lives up to the precedent set by its predecessor. Right now, we are only seeing the retail version of the set, but the hobby version looks to be much more stacked.

Here is what is up so far:

2013 Topps Archives Montee Ball Auto

2013 Topps Archives Russell Wilson 1976 Throwback Gold Sparkle Parallel

2013 Topps Archives Andrew Luck 1962 Topps Jersey Relic

2013 Topps Archives Robert Griffin III 1986 Throwback

2013 Topps Archives Ickey Woods Reprint On Card Auto

I like that 2013 rookies will eventually be included in this product, as they add another level of complexity. However, this is not a set one would buy for the autographs or relics, as much of the signature checklist is composed of guys similar to the way it was done in baseball. Luckily, all the fan favorite autographs should end up being on card, which makes this the first lower end set with non-rookie hard signed cards in almost 3 years. Kudos and a half to Topps on that one.

They chose some of the best designs in Topps history for the reprints, which is perfect in every way. The 1985 and 1986 sets were some of the best ever, and the 1976 design is about as iconic as it gets. If only there were more autographs available on card for these subsets, and I would be in heaven.

Seriously, I have no idea why Topps has waited THIS long to take advantage of its iconic history in football. Last year was the first year that an iconic design was used for the base flagship and chrome set in a reprint auto type of fashion, and from all accounts, it was very well received. Its back again for 2013 in the flagship, and I think that it will be better than ever. My whole thing is that this needs to be done more often, but with an expanded veteran and retired presence. Topps Archives is the tip of this iceberg, and I hope we get to see how far down it goes.

As more of this product becomes known and live, ill post updates.

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