Reviewing My Favorites for 2012 Topps Five Star

Now that Topps Five Star has been out for a few days, we have a better picture of the way the set shakes out. As I mentioned before, this is the best Five Star has ever been, with Topps taking the criticism of last year’s products and improving dramatically on their failures from 2011. As a result we are getting more cards worthy of the Five Star brand, and though collectors shockingly havent caught on, I have a feeling that these will stand the test of time.

I have a few different cards that I am going ape over, and it has to do with the way Topps has figured out how to adjust card content to embrace collector desires, while not disturbing the overall presentation of the card.

Rookie Jumbo Patch Autos

One of the main complaints of Five Star over the last few years has been the fact that only 1 inch swatches were available on the rookie patch autos. Although the circular swatches are back, Topps took this feedback and also created jumbos to mirror the cards we are seeing in other products. These cards are stunning to say the least, only further highlighted by the BIG and bold autograph space available for the rookies. I wish the Vikings had a rookie this year worth collecting, because I would spend my rent money on these.

2012 Topps Five Star Andrew Luck Jumbo Auto Patch

2012 Topps Five Star Russell Wilson Jumbo Auto Patch

Veteran Patch Autos

For 2011 and 2010, Topps used an adjusted version of the rookie patch auto to design the veteran ones. For the first time, Topps has gone off and given the vets their own design, which is completely awesome. When you see the card in the pack, it sticks out as a high end masterpiece, providing a HUGE player picture, and a big place for the guy to sign. With all on card autos and no stickers, the cards become the best available veteran autograph cards of the year.

2012 Topps Five Star Steve Young Auto Patch 3 Color

2012 Topps Five Star Matt Ryan Auto Patch

Inscription Autos

These cards are the crown jewel of Five Star and this year is no exception. My favorite thing is that they never have the same inscription year over year for the players that have multiple cards in this set. As a result, player collectors are presented with fresh meat to chase every season, and the price these cards achieve is representative of this fact.

2012 Topps Five Star Doug Martin Auto Inscription

2012 Topps Five Star Robert Griffin III Auto Inscription

2012 Topps Five Star Andrew Luck Auto Inscription

Rainbow Parallels

Let me preface this with the fact that I hate cards printed on rainbow foil. As a stock, the cards look cheap and ugly, but as an embellishment to a regular design, it looks like you have pulled a truly special card each time. Five Star uses this to its advantage, as its obvious that the rainbow parallels are more important.

2012 Topps Five Star Maurice Jones-Drew Auto Book Logo Rainbow /5

2012 Topps Five Star Joe Montana Auto Rainbow Base

I have said in previous posts that this is the year that each company needs to break out the biggest guns they have, and so far both Topps and Panini have delivered. Although the value of a Five Star card may not eclipse NT yet, they clearly are more worthy of a higher end tag. That being said, National Treasures will remain the benchmark for licensed products, and I think both companies can walk away from 2012 feeling like they have done it right.

One thought on “Reviewing My Favorites for 2012 Topps Five Star

  1. Five Star is STRONG this year. I can’t wait to get my case Monday. Even if I just hit a couple nice veteran/HOF autos, I’ll be happy. I couldn’t care less about RC’s, as I’ve said many times, I just want ON CARD HOF’er autos. The jersey/patch versions are just that much cooler. I’d hang off a second on saying they’re the best of the Vet/Retired auto sets released… the National Treasures “Greatest Signatures” set is the best to come along in about a decade. I’m voting with my wallet and building that complete set. Maybe a 5 Star set in the future but, for now, the clean white design for the autos makes me give NT the edge on this type of set. For me to say that is completely amazing as I still am one to criticize their products for the garbage it is. This ‘Greatest Signatures’ and even the ‘Virtuoso’ subsets are so long overdue. I’ll be very impressed if they can get Tom Brady to sign for the Virtuoso redemption….

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